Coming Soon: Dorasel’s New Single ‘NO LOVE’

NO LOVE is the upcoming single from Dorasel, coming on February 25. Produced by Beanz N Kornbread and featuring Slim Thug and the late D-Bando, this single is a humorous take on the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, coming in hot right after this celebration and challenging the societal ideas about love, fake love, and relationships.

Dorasel brings a raw and vulnerable vibe to this new song, drawing from the lived experience of losing a special relationship because the other person was unwilling to uphold promises. This is a situation that many are sure to have experienced. Thinking of various issues related to love can be the perfect antidote to the sometimes too-sweet aftertaste of Valentine’s Day. The song is all about setting boundaries and authentically affirming one’s own worth, with no filter.

The idea of love we have as a society is often sugarcoated, especially during February, with hearts and chocolates on display everywhere. But these tell only one half of the story, and the aftermath of a breakup or a disappointment deserves affirmation. NO LOVE is all about the experience and the connection this experience can create between Dorasel and his fans.

NO LOVE is meant to be one of the singles that will be released on the last Friday of every month, so listeners should stay tuned for more releases from Dorasel.

Dorasel, born Eric Vaughn, hails from the Lone Star State and specializes in hip-hop, bringing a lot of mastery, charisma, and innovation to the genre. His career began in prison, and he signed up with Rap-A-Lot Records in 1998, barely two weeks after getting released. This turned his life around and allowed him to share his art with the world throughout the years.

With powerful lyrics, a lot of emotion, and a commitment to being the best musician he can be, there is a lot to enjoy about his music. His music is hypnotic and authentic. He is not afraid to tackle difficult topics and bring the listener face-to-face with his own lived experiences, from the bad times to the good, always encouraging the audience to keep going. He challenges fake ideas with real emotion, be it love or hate, and a lot of strength and passion that shine through.

In addition to his work as a musician, Dorasel offers free private tutoring for middle and high school students in Houston’s 5th Ward. Music and education played a significantly positive role in his life, and he hopes to share them with others as a way to reach success.

NO LOVE will be streaming on Spotify starting on February 25. Follow Dorasel via his Instagram handle @Dorasel_Official.

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