Alex Genadinik’s latest song ‘Kissed By a Song’ offers a lively melody with thoughtful lyrics

Alex Genadinik brings his fans an exciting new release. Kissed By a Song is a beautiful and daydreamy melody that is sure to whisk listeners away to a new world for a bit. 

Genadinik has been working on creating beauty through music and has emphasized songs that offer pleasant lyrics with a meaning audiences can ponder and a lot of gorgeous imagery. He always strives to create a powerful poem that is placed at the center of the song and that draws from a poetic tradition of 20th-century songwriters from America and Russia. Some of his inspirations include Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky, classic authors from the Russian side of things which have made strong lyrics their calling card. On the American side, Genadinik works in the same tradition as singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young.

Kissed By A Song is about that experience of drifting away from the real world while listening to a song, that pleasant and dreamy feeling of going on a journey, which is the same experience of a long kiss that takes the person away as well. The melody blends these two experiences to help audiences experience music as an act of love. 

The song follows Genadinik’s tradition of using metaphors to create a different experience for listeners and explore the power of music from a new perspective

This singer and songwriter always looks for beauty and for unique experiences that he can transmit to his audiences. In this case, the experience he wants to pass on is that of drifting away and losing oneself in the melody for just a few moments, that pleasant dreamy experience of floating away from life’s troubles for a bit and focusing on the music so totally as to lose just a bit of time among the clouds.

Kissed By A Song has a 60s-style, folksy set of lyrics. It offers a lot of fuel for the imagination through evocative images and charming ideas that can encourage the listener to go off on their own daydreaming journey. In addition to the classic lyrics, the song offers a lively melody with a complex arrangement that masterfully blends different sounds to create a distinct listening experience. This piece is sure to please fans of the songwriter and also those who have enjoyed music like The Shakespeare song and The One Who Didn’t from Genadinik. Fans of classic songwriters and musicians can also find a lot to enjoy among the artist’s body of work and in this song specifically. 

You can find Kissed by a Song on YouTube here:

Discover more of Genadinik’s melodies on his website The music offered by this distinct artist is focused on creating evocative, beautiful experiences that feature strong and thoughtful lyrics alongside gorgeous and stylized melodies that draw inspiration from retro music. The artist has been working for a while to create his own style and to bring the listeners a new experience full of emotion.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Alex Genadinik. Here are excerpts from the Interview:

Hi Alex, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do. 

I am an amateur musician, and my music is in the singer-songwriter style. My sound tends to resemble Classic Rock. My full-time work is in the Elearning space, where I create online courses on the topics of entrepreneurship and marketing. I also sell these courses to companies. You can check here that showcases how I work with companies.  

Outside of work, my biggest passion is music. My favorite type of songs are ones that have interesting lyrics and pleasant melodies. This is the kind of music I try to create when I write my original songs. 

Please tell us more about your latest song, “Kissed By A Song.” 

I tried to make it the kind of song that inspires imagination and helps the listener get carried away into a daydream when they listen to the song. I have a number of songs like that. You can check out my page where I collected all my songs with meaningful lyrics and interesting metaphors


Thank you so much, Alex, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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