Influencers and Content Creators have the potential to earn a lot through Webtalk

Over the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty across the world. During this time, social media has been the one staple to help people, and businesses, stay connected. Nearly a decade of testing and advanced technology has allowed one company, Webtalk, to emerge as a platform that connects the world, one person at a time, as it creates a precedent for how social media should be … by sharing its ad revenue with its users!


“Facebook generates over $5 billion per month in revenue. Facebook posted $55 billion in advertising revenue in 2018, comprising 98.5% of the company’s total revenue.” – (‘How Facebook Makes Money’ – Investopedia)

How much does Facebook share with its users? $0


“LinkedIn generated 6.8 billion in revenue in 2019” – (‘Annual Revenue of LinkedIn from 2017 to 2019 ‘- Published by J.Clement Aug 14, 2019)

How much does LinkedIn share with its users? $0


Webtalk is a Brand New Social Media platform that combines the best aspects of LinkedIn and Facebook while sharing 50% of its ad revenue with its members.



Start creating your own success through Webtalk.

Creating Success Through Webtalk – the Future of Social Media shares the background, benefits, potential, and future of networking and collaborating on social media as a business owner or for connecting with friends and family.

With over 9 million dollars invested into technology over the past decade, Webtalk has evolved into the world’s first all-in-one relationship and brand management platform.

“Helping the world ‘Create more success'” was the mission Webtalk founder and CEO RJ Garbowicz envisioned when he started his Webtalk journey back in 2010.

Looking for a way to solve the lack of data management and data validation tools used to run both personal and professional lives online through Social Media. ‘Knowing if a person and the data they shared about themselves and/or their company is valid, on social networks or anywhere, is a big missing element to starting new relationships.’

Businesses rely on the internet, social media, and recommendations to make connections, elevate their marketing campaigns, and fill the void where their company may not have resources to achieve their goals. Having a validated platform that they can rely on will enable them to make connections more efficiently.

With the latest technology in place, Webtalk is a one-stop platform that allows you to manage your personal, professional, and business relationships all under one roof.


Today most social media users use Facebook to share personal information with family and friends and create a separate business account to promote their business. Also, maintaining a professional business profile on LinkedIn to connect directly with like-minded professionals. So what if you could eliminate multiple platforms and engage daily from one single platform?

Webtalk allows you to incorporate the best features used on Facebook and LinkedIn all in one platform. The ability to separate each connection as you are accepting them into your network. You determine what each contact can see, based on filters you put in place when someone connects with you or when they join through your personal link. With the ability to add tags for each connection emailing or sharing can be simplified and filtered by the tags you have created.

This enables users to share posts with personal friends and family, showcase their talent and advance their career, look for jobs, or grow their business without having to be signed into multiple accounts. With the latest SocialCRM contact manager in place, a few clicks when connecting with someone new will allow users to keep personal and professional contacts separate from each other.


Creating success through Webtalk is achievable through Webtalk’s SOCIALCpX (social commission per exchange).

With a built-in free rewards program that pays residual commissions passively, worldwide users have unlimited earning potential through the MSI’s (multiple streams of income).

Social network users can earn daily just by switching to Webtalk and doing the same things they currently do daily on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Every action performed on Webtalk has the potential to earn passive income. This includes time on the website, referring new users, logging in daily, posting content, liking, sharing, commenting, and even posting videos. Users also get 100% matching points for post engagement from referrals. Every like, comment, share, post view, and even profile view allows you to earn matching points from someone you have referred.

Influencers and content creators have the potential to earn even more as their content acquires engagement. Digital marketers and influencers can organically build their own downline simply by referring new members directly. Network marketers have a great opportunity as well by building their teams on Webtalk.

Webtalk also offers social content syndication for those not sure if they are ready to make a change from their current platforms. With syndication to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, and coming soon Instagram, users can post on Webtalk and share with existing social media platforms.

Not only does Webtalk give back to its users, but through the Webtalk foundation for charity, 10% of all profits are donated to charity! Again focusing on helping people around the world!

The future of social media through Webtalk means creating your own success while taking back control of your time, relationships, data, and your life.

Currently, in its beta phase, Webtalk is only accepting new members by referral. With plans to be mobile-ready through IOS and Android with an official launch this summer sometime by the end of July or early August.

In the current beta phase, Webtalk’s highly engaging members have already exceeded 4 million!

Webtalk’s first of its’s kind rewards program is the game-changer for its members. In this video, RJ shares the potential of Webtalk affiliates.

Up to 50% of all revenue is given back to its members just for engaging, referring, and sharing great content. Partnering with its members, Webtalk shares it’s revenue as it grows as a way of thanking its members for helping them grow. Webtalk will always pay 100% matching points and 10% revenue share for direct referrals through the rewards program.

The rewards program will always be free. There is an optional pro premium feature available but not necessary to earn on Webtalk. With the pro premium level upgrade, you have the opportunity to earn commissions through 5-levels of referrals. Plus, earn a 10% revenue share for life.

The pro premium level upgrade also unlocks premium features that are similar to InfusionSoft, YouTube, and LinkedIn premium.


In the coming months, Webtalk will be incorporating a self-service advertising platform, a marketplace, and even has partnered with Price-Line to bring the best pricing for travel options, including flights, hotels, and car rental purchases.

When the additional advertising, marketplace, and travel options are in place, the full potential of Webtalk will explode for all of its members, especially those that are upgraded to the pro customer status.

Regardless of the niche, you are in – real estate, travel, insurance, retail, dental, physician, store owner, online business, brick and mortar business, consultant or entrepreneur – Webtalk is the future of social media for you!


Keep in mind the potential for earning commissions as an affiliate when these additional features are added. Affiliates can earn 10% commissions when your referral purchases and ad for their business. Any Marketplace product purchase can add an additional 1% commission. Factor in the potential of travel rewards, and I think you are getting the potential Webtalk has for its affiliates.

When creating your free account, it is important to make sure that you fill out your profile completely with your real name and business as well as a current photo. After you fill out your profile, there is a step to agree to enroll in the rewards program and also link a payment account through Payoneer or Stripe – all of which is free to do.

With their official launch targeted for sometime late July or early August on all devices, including web, mobile, ios, and android – the time is now to create your free membership on Webtalk!

Webtalk is on a mission to create to be the first interactive social media platform to create one million, millionaire members!

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My best to you always in your search for success and happiness in life and in business! May 2020 continue to bring you success in all that you do and be the start of a decade of a lifetime!

2020 is ‘Our’ year to “Achieve the Unachievable”!


The above article is a Guest Post written by Richard Fronek.  With 25+ years experience in marketing, purchasing and sales, he is the Founder & CEO Of Worksmarter4u.