Google Chrome extension to combine cashback, coupons, and discount gift cards – Checkout Saver

Have you heard the saying – Money saved is money earned!

It always feels so great whenever we can save money, especially when we are doing any shopping! A lot of people prefer to look for coupons or discount codes when they are shopping online. I do that too.

Normally, a lot of websites that offer coupons or discount codes have a clickable link to get the discount code. So, when a user clicks that link, that website earns a commission called Affiliate commission.

While doing my research, I found out that this website (Checkoutsaver) gives back a portion of their affiliate income to users. By doing that, the discount deal becomes even more lucrative for the users.


Checkout Saver is the first extension to combine cashback, coupons, and discount gift cards – saving consumers more than ever.

Their application is also available on the Google Chrome browser web store as a Google Chrome extension. You will need to install the extension for it to work.


But before you do that, I will explain how it works –

You go to the Checkout saver website. Then you click a retailer through where you want to purchase something. Since you have clicked through the Checkout Saver portal, you’re really being redirected using an affiliate link. When you make a purchase on the retailer’s website, the retailer will pay Checkout Saver a commission. They pass almost all of the cashback on to you.
You can withdraw the cashback funds via gift card or PayPal.

The icing on the cake is – The extension also informs you at checkout if there is a discount gift card or discount coupon that you can purchase that can save you money.

For example, at the extension can alert you if Checkout Saver has a $25 Gift Card accessible for $19.


The question is – Why and how are they able to do that?

They claim that they have low overheads. That implies they can pass more savings passed on to the user. They claim to be 100% Free for Shoppers. Users do have the option of buying a gift card or coupon that can save users money. Like the walmart example I mentioned above.

Magazine cashback Offer – They are offering 30% cashback at Meredith Magazine Store

Aliexpress cashback Offer – They are offering and 3 % cashback at Aliexpress

Now that you know of a site that can help you save money! Do check it out and if you like it, please also share this blog post with your friends via Social Media!