4 important constituents of a Good Home Security System

I love technology. I really like the way it has brought such a huge change in our everyday lives. Today, we have such gadgets available that were never there or which we could never have imagined a few years ago.

With the advent of technology, thieves and burglars have also become smarter. So, it is all the more important to be one step ahead of them.

And hence, it is important to give some time in thinking about having a robust home security system.

And, it is not just important to have a robust home security system. It is also important to get it installed from a company that is probably local and can handle the service efficiently.

4 important constituents of a Good Home Security System

1. Smart Cameras that help in Video Surveillance

You can get different types of cameras installed, such as:

  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Indoor Camera

The important thing is that the cameras should have several important features such as

  • 1080p HD Quality
  • Motion detection
  • Color night vision

They should allow you to see the live feed from a mobile app. You should be able to get notifications immediately. 

For example, the Doorbell and Outdoor camera can be helpful in the following circumstances:

  • When your kids get home from school
  • When a package gets delivered?
  • If someone suspicious tries to check your house to find out if you’re home? 
  • If someone tries to steal your delivery package?

2. Smart Locks


A smart home door lock can unlock the home without using any keys!

In fact, at times when you only want to give someone temporary access such as babysitter or contractor or cleaning crews. Then you can even set one-time use codes for such people. 

3.Smart Garage

One of the easiest entrance spots for home security breaks in your home is through your garage. Normally people leave their garage door clickers in their cars. It can be very unsafe and may leave your family unprotected. If you have a smart garage setup, then you will not have to keep the clicker in your vehicle. You would be able to open and close the garage door from your mobile phone itself. 

You can also be notified on your mobile app if the garage door opens up anytime. Has it ever happened with you that you had driven away from your home and were confused if you shut the garage door or not? If you have a Smart garage, you won’t have to go back. You could check and shut the door from your mobile app itself.

4. Smart Home Lighting with Smart Scenes


You know, You can control your home’s lights right from your mobile device, even when you are not home. Even when you are on vacation, you can set your smart lights to switch on outdoor lights automatically at night and switch them off in the morning. So that no one would be able to realize that the home is empty.


Make sure that whenever you are getting home security systems installed for your home, the Smart system must have the above. That will help you be at peace knowing that your family is protected!