We strive to build a better community and world through our business – says Kolten Montgomery, CEO of Retail Stallion.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Kolten Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Retail Stallion.

Hi, please share your journey with us.


My personal journey is that of a young entrepreneur. As the former owner of a small marketing firm in Colorado Springs, CO, I created a brand that consistently worked to tear down the old and archaic institutions of inefficient, profit-centric business and marketing practices. My goal was always to tell our clients’ stories rather than simply chase the bottom line and offer traditional “Buy this and get this” marketing campaigns. My motto during this time was, “We’re not marketers; we’re storytellers.

I then had the idea to launch an online eCommerce retailer. But as in all things that come from my odd and often overthinking mind, I wanted to delve into online retail with a twist. I wanted to again work to revolutionize an industry that has served large corporations, stockholders, and profit-centric mindsets for far too long. That’s when the idea of Retail Stallion stumbled into my mind – An online men’s and women’s apparel store that would donate 25% of all profits to a revolving door of great causes and charities. With that, Retail Stallion was launched in February 2021 and has already seen a great amount of growth and an ever-expanding pool of potential.


Please tell us more about your company, Retail Stallion. 

At Retail Stallion, we offer various stylish clothing options for men and women that are meticulously designed and tailored with high-quality materials. We are working to create an online shopping environment that doesn’t solely exist to maximize profit and sales.

We believe that businesses need to contribute positively to society and humanitarianism as a whole. We aim higher than other brands that just sell clothes or accessories. We strive to build a better community and world through our business.

We focus on revolutionizing the world of retail through charitable donations and support for our communities and customers. 25% of all profits are donated to charity, and our charity-of-choice changes on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. 


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

The strategies that have helped me become successful are honestly the same strategies employed by successful entrepreneurs for decades, even though I would hardly label myself as a “success story” at such an early stage of the company. It all comes down to a certain kind of “obsessiveness” in terms of your product or service. Constantly working to find and repair issues that may be affecting the success of your brand. At this point, I’m still working a full-time job and making food deliveries on the side to supplement my income so that I can dedicate the necessary resources to the company. I think it all comes down to the simple fact that you have to literally work your ass off and keep falling on your face until something takes off. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

To find out more about me, feel free to visit our website. You can also check out my Instagram handle @montgomerykolten and Retail Stallion @retailstallion.

We’re in the beginning stages of launching our Stallion Podcast, which will feature me (as your host) along with a great lineup of entrepreneurs, business minds, and motivational idealists. We’re really trying to showcase the “heart” of true entrepreneurs and how business can be used to positively impact the community rather than just take from it. 


Thank you so much Kolten for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!