US Business coach and speaker talks about entrepreneurship and success

“Each of us is made with unique skills and talents. The secret is finding who we are at the core and bringing that into what we do. Identifying one’s niche gives birth to differentiation while setting the trajectory to leave a legacy.”

Brian C. Dobbs is a dynamic speaker, minister and business coach who combines faith, personal progression and professional development to create tremendous growth toward powerful, substantial results. Positive results are not an accident,” says Brian. And it’s true. Through public speaking and business coaching, Brian guides individuals on a journey where they first find their purpose and then determine how to utilize it to their fullest advantage.

Brian C. Dobbs encourages “cultural shift” in new personal development book – Uniquely Called.

Dynamic speaker, minister and business coach releases his latest book, where he aims to help readers trigger life-changing emotions and actions. 

Brian C. Dobbs is known for his unique combination of faith, personal progression, and professional development to create tremendous growth toward powerful, substantial results. In a similar vein and in line with his goals of helping as many people as possible to discover their calling and reach their full potential, Brian just released a new book titled “Uniquely Called.

Over the years, he has been featured on different industry platforms, using his wealth of experience and knowledge to motivate and inspire countless people to greatness. Brian is looking to continue his work of literally speaking greatness into individuals across the globe.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Brian. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us something about yourself.

I am a dynamic speaker, minister and business coach and popular for speaking and coaching professionals, corporations, churches and organizations on the importance of reaching success through relationship building and identifying one’s personal brand. Through public speaking and business coaching, I guide teams and individuals on a journey where they first find their purpose and then determine how to utilize it to their fullest advantage.

After spending many years managing profitable sales and business development teams and serving as a pastor in full-time ministry, I stepped out to create something powerful. My affinity for the marketplace and passion for the ministry led me to build a training program to equip others to find their calling and fulfill it. I continue to speak and coach professionals, corporations, churches and organizations on the importance of reaching success through relationship building and identifying one’s personal brand. Tying my knowledge and experience together, I now show others how to build fulfilling and profitable businesses.

How did you get into entrepreneurship? Please tell us more about your journey as an entrepreneur.

My earliest experience as an entrepreneur was when I was around 16 years old. I got a job as a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons. I started doing private lessons for individual and groups.

There has always been a yearning inside of me to create, build and make an impact. My journey has had challenges, road blocks, obstacles and peak moments. The joy that I get when I can create something that produces the results I want keeps me going.

Who are your role models?

Great question. I have several people I follow and consider role models which include some greats as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Billy Graham and Henry Ford.

Did you read any books that inspired or motivated you on your journey?

Yes, I have read many books including Darren Hardy’s book, Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster and Carol Dweck’s book Mindset both had a huge impact.

Please tell us about your work.

I own a speaking and business coaching company where I work with individuals and groups on personal and professional development. I have also just released a new book titled “Uniquely Called.”

The world is usually quick to celebrate the achievements of people who have excelled on different grounds. While some people know and appreciate the struggles of the successful ones, others are not particularly aware of their exploits. However, while millions of people can also achieve amazing feats by simply identifying their calling and sticking to it, many people do not have an idea of how to forge ahead. This is where I seek to inspire readers to take the right actions that will spur them to success.


“Uniquely Called” has been described as a “thrilling journey,” chronicling the challenges, obstacles, and peak-and-valley moments of people that have realized their calling and made the best of their time on earth. The book offers a captivating insight into the lives of different characters and how they were able to go against all odds to achieve their live goals.

Uniquely Called is about you and your story. Everyone has a calling, and the ones who are receptive take the plunge into a life that is far different than the status quo. They are who you and I look like when we tap into the assignment that we have from the Lord. Not knowing all that it would take, many have jumped in with both feet to pioneer the uncharted course to fulfill this heart craving. Their lives were an example, inspiration and motivation for others to follow. Will you accept the Call?

Uniquely Called is more than a mission statement. It is the fuel that propels you forward. The passion inside of you that desires to see things reconciled, restored, redeemed and rebuilt. It takes getting better personally in all areas, not just one. It’s a desire to be the person who God created you to be; not wanting to leave anything on the table, so to speak, and completely determined to maximize your potential and experience the abundant life that God has for you.

I aim to touch the lives of readers while ultimately leading to a shift in culture to create a better place for others.

What is your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur?

My most memorable experience is when I hit rock bottom and had to make the decision to quit or pick my head up and move forward. It was the time I was most vulnerable and at a loss sitting at my dining room table with a note pad and pen. After having my pity-party and melt down I asked the Lord to help me put things back together. At that moment I found strength, energy and creativity that propelled me forward to where I am today. I have since published my book, Uniquely Called that details that story and process that got me back on my feet and moving in the right direction.

Are you using any online marketing strategies for your company? How are you using different social media channels to market your company?

Yes, I have created a comprehensive online marketing strategy for my company and for my clients. I utilize a system to disseminate a custom message over multiple platforms.

Plus, social media and technology changes so quickly I am constantly learning about new techniques and building the community of experts around me.

What’s your greatest fear as an entrepreneur?

My greatest fear is not taking more risks. Fear is inevitable but not jumping out in faith will cause you to stifle growth.

Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood about entrepreneurship before you ever got started?

Looking back, I would say the greatest thing that I could have done would be to be more intentional about building my mentor and coaching circles first.

Would you like to share any success secrets that helped you in your journey?

Be a life-long learner, it was easy for me to mistake the passion that I have for knowledge.

Be coachable, now I can say that I would rather invest in a coach first before charging forward.

Excel at communication, I knew how to speak; however, when I became a student of communication it helped in every area.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I would say that I get the most enjoyment when I help others get that ah-ha moment they have been longing for.

What keeps you going when things get tough?

My faith, number one keeps me in the game. I know my life’s purpose and that keeps me motivated.

How can people connect with you?

They can call me at (214) 934-0559 or they can visit my website: or drop me an email at or connect with me on Social Media including Facebook and LinkedIn.


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