Exposure Explosion Festival by Studd Da Kidd brings together musicians, record labels, models to showcase their talent.

Exposure Explosion Festival is a weekly event that takes entertainment and business on the road in an explosive and visionary cocktail. The Festival is coming from the capable minds of DRH Consulting.

DRH Consulting is an entertainment company that offers creatives the chance to expand their careers and find new benefits and options that are sorely needed in today’s creative market. The company provides opportunities for building a stronger artistic brand and offers options for housing, healthcare, childcare, and start-up coaching geared towards record labels. Studd Da Kidd has been recognized for her versatility, and this reflects in her company and the upcoming Festival from the brand.

Exposure Explosion Festival is expected to take place across different states and different cities. It provides new opportunities for creatives to showcase their talents and gain access to new opportunities. Studd Da Kidd has been growing her brand carefully and now brings to fruition an epic project that is likely to set a new standard for creative-oriented events on a massive scale. With a strong focus on business development and artistic creation and platforming of small businesses through an organic experience, Exposure Explosion is set to be an exciting new opportunity with its blend of marketing, interactive media, and small business support.

The objective of the festival is to bring together musicians, record labels, models, and other performers and artists to showcase their skills and build useful connections to take their plans to the next level. In addition, it offers opportunities for bands, rappers, pop artists, and much more, bringing together interactive media to create a fully immersive experience and an electric environment that can lead to more new projects down the line.

Studd Da Kidd is an entrepreneur and innovator who has been helping other artists build their own brands and worked in the creative industries. DRH Consulting, her firm, has specialized in artistic support for a while now and manages various creators who want to become bigger and leverage social media without losing their true essence and inspiration.

DRH Consulting and Studd Da Kidd are showing themselves coming into the market with a strong dedication to artists and many tools to help each individual or group to grow their brand the best they can and achieve artistic goals.

Studd Da Kidd is positioned to take a big new step towards growth and creative development and to support small businesses through an accessible and fun experience that is sure to offer professional benefits as well.

You can follow her on Instagram @studddakidd.