Songwriter and Music Artist Emmanuel Moulton famous as Big Dawg079 celebrates women in his new single called ‘Want You.’

Emmanuel Moulton, Songwriter and Music Artist famous as Big Dawg079 has come up with a new single called ‘Want You.’ According to Big Dawg, this song is for all the ladies out there. Like he said,

This one is for all of the ladies. I want to celebrate them.


Big Dawg is a rapper who was born in Chicago. He was abandoned by his parents at the age of 5, after which his grandparents raised him in Chicago. At the age of 14, he witnessed his best friend being killed. After that, he took a decision that made him end up in prison for 24 years. 

Recher'che-Clothing Along with being an artist, Big Dawg also runs Recher’che Clothing Company. This company produces apparel, homeware, and accessories. This company was the idea of Big Dawg himself. It reflects the personality of the brand’s founder, this brand is all about loyalty, honor, and integrity. 


079 Cartel Entertainment is also owned by Big Dawg, and it is the very first record label in Sheboygan County. The vision of the company is to create and produce relevant and quality music of all genres. Until today, the label has amassed over 140,000 streams since December 2020.

Big Dawg has a degree in Social Psychology from Southeastern Illinois College. He has also worked as a Property Manager, Grounds Keeper, and Quality Assurance Specialist. His debut album “Takin’ It To My Grave” has over 100,000 streams. He believes in himself and his talent. 

According to him,

I’m not looking for a deal; I believe that I can achieve my goals without selling my soul.

His work and ethics were first recognized by Artist Reach NYC when he was given the award of Artist of the Year in December 2020. This was his first-ever music industry-related award, which he appreciates with all his heart. He believes that he still has a lot to achieve. 


‘Want You’ is a blend of rap and hip-hop. It is the upbeat music of the song that attracts the listeners. The lyrics of the song focuses on how he really wants this one lady and not any other. In his song, Big Dawg talks about a lady and how she dresses up and glows up. He adores this lady a lot and is celebrating her in his song. 

As far as the video, the transitions of effects in the video make it a worthwhile watch. Big Dawg has used his artistic and creative side and related the video effects to the song’s lyrics. Moreover, the locations in the video make the video even more attractive. With the snow in the background, it just adds the right amount of spark to the song. 


Lastly, Big Dawg makes sure that his message of celebrating women is portrayed well through his song. 

You can check out his Instagram @real_bigdawg079ig.