Florida entrepreneur talks about his journey and success

Today, we have with us a successful entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida, USA. Please welcome Dr. Casuel D Pitts Jr.. His company Ultimate Discount Services INC. officially went into operations in 2014. He is a distinguished entrepreneur who has achieved great heights of success.  Let’s go on this success journey with him today..

1. Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m a man of God who loves to help people find their gift and help them become millionaires

2. How did you get into entrepreneurship? Please tell us more about your journey as an entrepreneur?

From the age of 7 I was an Entrepreneur. God has put me on an amazing journey to own and operate 7 companies. The road to success isn’t easy but God has given me the keys to success to unlock unlimited wealth.

3. Who are your role models?

God is my only Role model and every wealthy person that God has put me in front of were my Drive to becoming successful.

4. Did you read any books that inspired or motivated you in your journey?

Absolutely and the only way I’m giving the names of the books is if you follow me on Facebook lol “Casuel Pitts” but I read a book every week.

5. Please tell us about your company.


The core of Ultimate Discount Services INC is reimbursements! Our goal is to help people save money while educating them on how important “Credit, Investments, & Entrepreneurship is. It is important for consumers to realize that UDS is not insurance, although we have similarities, our focus is to make sure reimbursements are received on things you cannot control. Ask yourself when was the last time you or someone you know damaged a cell phone? What about the last time you or someone you know received some type of traffic ticket? What about medical, dental, & vision Co-Pays? These are just a few things that we reimburse on.

6. What’s your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur?

When I married my wife Ashanti Pitts. It’s when I found her, God started to align everything in my life.

7. Are you using any online marketing strategies for your company? How are you using different social media channels to market your company?

If I talk about online marketing, then yes I am using social media to market my brand. My advice is to stay ahead of technology because it is the wave of the future.

8. What’s your greatest fear as an entrepreneur?

My greatest fear is that I won’t get to help the 7 billion people that live in the world but as God as my witness I’m going to help as many as I can!

9. Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood about entrepreneurship before you ever got started?

That you have to put God First in everything that you do!

10. Would you like to share any success secrets that helped you in your journey?

I will share one and that is prayer & submission is the pathway to unlocking financial wealth!

11. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

This is an easy question HELPING PEOPLE! Just being a servant.

12. What keeps you going when things get tough?

My Wife, My Kids & My Supporters and of course seeking God.

13. How can people connect with you?

I’m on all social media platforms and my name is one of a kind “Casuel Pitts”. Check it out. Here is the website link.


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