Break the chain of infection of Covid-19, without breaking off from your customers – Use International Payment Solutions

Today, we are interviewing Mani Rahnama, CEO of International Payment Solutions. International Payment Solutions develop POS solutions to process online credit card transactions and phone and eCommerce orders.

1. Please tell us about what you do.

Our simple-to-use payment software lets you accept instant card payments without physical contact with your customers. We are now working around the clock to provide virtual terminals and online gateways, that keep companies in the business. So, we can break the chain of infection, without breaking you off from your customers.

2. What’s your most memorable experience?

During this pandemic, I believe people will eventually show their true color. Some people are selling the $2 sanitizer for $30, and some people are donating money, BUT after everything is gone, people will never forget those who helped them and cared about them.


3. How is International Payment Solutions taking care of their customers during this pandemic?

To get through this pandemic, we all need to make some changes. Overnight, we have become a “work from home economy.” And, all retail suddenly has transitioned to eCommerce.

Our Converge Billing and Invoicing tools make sending quotes and invoices by email easy and safe. Even for businesses without previous experience of collecting online payments. 

And we have made our virtual terminal free up to September 2020, and our customers will get charges only per transaction, not any monthly fees.

The second option we offer to our customers is even if most of our customers are in contract for 48 months. Still, we are contacting them to see if they need any help during this pandemic to freeze their merchant processing account. So, they won’t get charged through us during these days, to care for them in this time.

4. Which social media channels work best for promoting your work? 

Instagram works best for us.

5. What’s your greatest fear?

The fear is during these times, people’s priorities have changed significantly, and now we see more people caring about themselves and not for their neighbors or others. During the pandemic, instead of helping each other, they are trying to take advantage of the situation and making more money.

6. How can people connect with you?

They can connect with us through our Website or through our Instagram handle.