Vita Celestine – Famous Twitch Streamer

Who is Vita Celestine?

Vita Celestine is a Twitch star and social media influencer. She is also known as Lau Cornett and is probably most recognized for her popular Twitch channel VitaCelestine_ which has skyrocketed her stardom.

Vita Celestine has made a name for herself, and with her frequent posting of live vlogging sessions, as well as streaming Fortnite on a regular basis, has garnered the talented star an insanely large following. Her Twitch account currently has over 240,000 followers making her one of the biggest streamers in Colombia.


December 13, 1996

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Not much is known about what Vita did before her streaming days, and from what we’ve been able to find, she started posting more regularly on her Twitch channel in April 2019, and her follower count started to really pick up around May 2020.

Her Twitch channel

Vita Celestine is an avid gamer and a self-proclaimed Camgirl. She is often seen streaming such online games as Fortnite and League of Legends. Although Vita is also known for playing other games, she has mostly focused on Fortnite and has become very proficient when it comes to her skills in-game. Vita is also very active with her fanbase and is often seen interacting with them in the chatroom, answering various questions and simply talking to them on a regular basis. This has definitely helped the young and talented streamer from attracting as many followers as she has.

Social media presence

Alongside her massive Twitch following, Vita also has her own YouTube channel, which is titled after her name. The audience on her YouTube channel has also grown considerably, and she is currently sitting at over 80,000 subscribers. She likes to post various vlogging-related videos on her YouTube channel, as well as often reposting the streams that she’s done on Twitch to her YouTube account. Vita is also active on Instagram, and her Instagram account “vitacelestine_ has amassed over 570,000 followers by writing this article. She is often seen posting cosplay photos on her account.
It is without a doubt that she is a massive star at this point, and she has shown that she can be successful in numerous fields, being a respected streamer and a major Influencer.

Vita has also collaborated with other Colombian Twitch streamers, with MrStiven Tc being the biggest name that she’s collaborated with so far.

Family life and relationship status

Vita Celestine was born and raised in Colombia, where she has stayed to this day. Vita is the owner of two lovely pet dogs, and she has posted numerous pictures where she can be seen alongside them.
When it comes to relationships, it is currently unknown whether the talented streamer is dating someone as if she is. She hasn’t disclosed who the lucky person is.

The future is looking really bright for the talented streamer, and you should take a look at her account if you’d like to see why she is so popular for yourself.


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