Sarah Dorothy Little – Famous Actress and Influencer

Sarah Dorothy Little is an Actress, Social Media Influencer, and Singer. She is primarily known for her makeup and lifestyle content and her comedic videos.


December 12, 2007

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Sarah released an original single in 2019, entitled Catch My Woah, available on most streaming platforms. She released a cover of Selena Gomez’s song, Boyfriend, in 2020, with over one million views on YouTube.

Sarah has several new projects in the works, including an upcoming feature film entitled The Girl on the Mountain, more episodes of the Sisters web series, and a feature film (in pre-production) based on the Sisters web series, and her second original song.


Sarah is an advocate for anti-bullying, having dealt with it herself in the past. She overcame this by staying strong and spreading positivity to everyone around her. When Sarah’s not busy working, she’s playing volleyball and enjoying time with her family. She’s very passionate about animal welfare, and her family has a nonprofit for alpaca rescue called The Little Ranch Animal Rescue.



Sarah is currently a member of a new content house in Los Angeles, CA, called GoatFamLA. The house consists of 15 of the largest teen influencers, including Gavin Magnus, Sophie Fergi, Brooklyn Queen, Walker Bryant, and Enzo Lopez.

She has earned over 750,000 fans to her sarahdorothylittle TikTok account. She primarily posts challenges, and dance videos, often alongside friends. She also posts vlogs and challenges to her popular self-titled YouTube channel. 


Her life strategy is being funny, collaborating with people that she has a natural chemistry with, hard work, and patience.

You can also check out her Instagram channel @sarahdorothylittle and Youtube


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