Ariadna Majewska – Famous Instagram Influencer

Who is Ariadna Majewska?

Ariadna Majewska is a Polish influencer and model. Ariadna Majewska also founded her own fashion store arrested, which has been a success. Ariadna also runs her own fashion blog titled Ari-Maj, in which she posts various travel, fitness, beauty, and fashion news on a regular basis. The blog has seen a respectable amount of success and continues to be a very good source of information for the topics that it covers.


February 13, 1992

Birth Place


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Early life of Ariadna

Ariadna Majewska was born in Poznan, Poland, and during her childhood was a problem child, in a good sense. She would often get into trouble for staying out too late, as well as other innocent mischiefs. When it came time to study, though, Ariadna was very adamant and took her studies seriously. She attended and graduated from high school in Oznan, and while studying, she realized that she is very passionate about poems, as well as everything that’s related to blogging. When she was younger, she used to frequently visit various fashion blogs and has even stated that she had often posted on some fashion blog websites in secrecy, posting as an anonymous member. She really enjoyed blogging, and it only further fueled her desire to open her own blog.

Instagram and Blogging career

With her amazing looks, Ariadna Majewska has managed to gather well over a million followers on her main Instagram profile, which can be found under “ari_maj”. She also has an excellent sense when it comes to fashion, and a quick glance at her Instagram posts will quickly reveal what an excellent engagement rate she has. Ariadna’s lifestyle blog is filled with good quality articles relating to everything that is travel, lifestyle, and fashion related. Ariadna is frequently updating her Instagram profile with new photos and likes to keep her fans up to date on what she is currently doing so that they are in the loop.

Her fashion store

Ariadna’s founded Ariestre fashion store is an exclusive online shop aimed at girl fashion products, calendars, books, and t-shirts. The online store was built on the popular ShopLo online platform. So far, the reviews have been very positive, and the price to the quality range is surprisingly good.

Some Trivia

  • She began her Instagram journey a decade ago when she joined the platform in 2011.
  • She loves to do photoshoots, as well as travel.
  • Her favorite book, according to a recent interview, is “Fortress”.
  • She has always dreamed about becoming a writer or a painter.
  • Ariadna also frequently posts information about her blog to the popular blog aggregator Bloglovin.
  • One of her passions is watching good movies, and she likes to think of herself as a good movie critic.
  • She has also been very successful in following a healthy lifestyle and is an advocate for it.
  • Her photoshoots tend to be done by a single person only, as Ariadna thinks that the pictures tend to be more private and intimate when done by a single person.


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Image Source: Adam A., CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via Flickr