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Sara Mei Kasai – Famous Cosplayer and Influencer


You might be familiar with the face of popular Instagram influencer and Cosplayer Sara Mei Kasai. She is known for her astonishing anime looks and videogame avatars. Sara was born on December 22 in the year 1993, in Montreal, Canada. Currently, she is twenty-seven years old. Sara is leaving her prints on the internet as a celebrity Cosplayer and social media influencer.

Who Is Sara Mei Kasai?

The celebrity Cosplayer gained her popularity through an Instagram account ‘Sarameikasai’. Her videogames-inspired cosplay looks went viral, and she became an Instagram celebrity Cosplayer. She currently has eight hundred and sixty-two thousand followers on her Instagram account. Other than Instagram, she is also popular on TikTok and other social media websites. Sara grew up playing different video games and always loved dressing up as her favorite character. She began cosplaying after 2013 and made her Instagram account. Her Instagram account became the reason for her fame and popularity. She puts effort and creativity into her posts to engage the audience and keeps her content promising.

Apart from her cosplay skill, she also shares her day-to-day pictures and outfits. She looks like a real videogame character with her adorable smile and anime looks. She was inspired to play video games by her older cousin, and after that, she just fell in love. Other than cosplay, she also likes to dress up and flaunt the looks on her social media accounts. Most of her Instagram posts are just her in different outfits and cosplay avatars. She gained quite a lot of admirers for her stunning looks. Sara’s whole Instagram is just a colorful treat for your eyes.


December 22, 1993

Birth Place

Montreal, Canada

Zodiac Sign


She Talks About Important Stuff Too

While most of the Instagram influencers live in a world that includes just themselves, Sara likes to talk about important stuff that matters. Other than her cosplay and dress-up videos, she uses her fame and popularity to put good thoughts forward and encourage people to learn from them. She talks about politics and supports the LGBT community through her Instagram account. Not long ago, she made a post on Twitter about how people treat their significant others as property that they own. She has four hundred and twenty-two thousand followers on Twitter.

She posted how her boyfriend’s friends see that he should stop her (Sara) from posting cosplay on Instagram. Sara said that she had many encounters with guys that said that they liked her work but would never “let” their girlfriends do it. She further said that her boyfriend is not insecure from these remarks, and no one should be. Her boyfriend helps her take pictures and supports her with what she does.

Personal and Dating Life

Sara never shared anything concerning her private life on social media. She likes to keep her dating life a secret. However, her posts and tweets suggest that Sara is not single. She mentioned her boyfriend several times but never gave his name to the followers.

Sara Mei Kasai is admired for her looks, talent, and creativity. She makes most of the cosplay accessories by herself and puts her entire heart into what she does.


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