Lilith Cavaliere – Famous Influencer

Who is Lilith Cavaliere?

Lilith Cavaliere is a multi-faceted social media influencer with an enormous presence on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. She has a massive following on Instagram that follows her for her entertaining photos and videos. Many millennials adore her sense of style and follow her across her social media platforms.


December 28, 2000

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign


Her early life and career beginnings

Lilith Cavaliere is a half Australian and Italian who grew up with her parents and four siblings. She has an elder sister, two younger sisters, and a brother. Her family is fun-loving, and they all visit fun places together. Love lives in their family. Lilith also has a dog, Bruno, that she loves a lot.
She’s a high school graduate who reveals little about herself.

Lilith is a successful influencer. She has amassed a large following on TikTok with 424k followers on her new account, 3.9million likes, and millions of views. Her second TikTok account has 500k followers and 4.1million likes. Unfortunately, Her TikTok deleted her accounts at 2.2 million likes and the other at 540k.

She’s also renowned for her lip-syncing and dance videos, and that has earned her many fans.
Lilith started her YouTube channel in 2017 and has amassed 211k subscribers. Most of her YouTube videos have over a million views and twenty-seven million views. Her first video was a makeup video where she shared a stunning full-face makeup tutorial. She’s not only an influencer but a talented artist.

Lilith owns an online shop where she sells crystals that cost as low as $15 and high as $650. They ship to anywhere in the world.
Lilith started a new podcast, Straight Off the Couch, and has garnered subscribers on YouTube. She works on it with her friends, and they have room for plenty of growth. There are only three podcasts on her channel, with the first one as Welcome to our podcast, the second is drunk stories with the girls. Lilith intends to perfect her hairdressing and makeup skills, and her favorite online shop is fashion nova.

Lilith earns a lot of money influencing brands and from her online shop where she sells crystals. YouTube Adsense is her other source of revenue.

Lilith Cavaliere’s bodywork

Lilith was conscious of her appearance and had to get her first lip injection in 2019. The thing about influencing is that one needs to continue to enhance their beauty to thrive. Her reason for getting a lip injection is because of her Instagram photos. She used to push her lips out to appear bigger and wanted to discontinue.
In the same year, she got her first tattoo and displayed the process on YouTube. She was frantic at the beginning but carried on courageously to gain her coveted body. She’s beautiful with or without enhancements and cares little about what people think. It’s her body, and she can do anything with it.


Lilith loves hairdressing and takes Instagram pictures when she’s bored.


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