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Elliot Choy – Famous Influencer


Who is Elliot Choy?

Elliot Choy is an American social media influencer, videographer, and entrepreneur who is most famously known for having his own YouTube channel titled Elliot Choy. His channel has gained a huge following in recent times, and he’s currently at almost 900,000 followers, making him one of the biggest YouTube channels in the US.
He has received a lot of views to his videos and clips such as “Why I wake Up at 5:AM in College” and “How I stopped Procrastinating in College” have been some of the most popular videos on his channel that went viral.


February 25, 1999

Birth Place

New Jersey, USA

Zodiac Sign


What was his life before fame

His childhood was quite normal, according to him, and he grew up in a good neighborhood and didn’t deal with a ton of adversity early on. He enjoyed hanging out with his friends in his teenage years and playing video games together, as do most boys during that time. Later on in his life, Elliot studied human and organizational development and economics at Vanderbilt University, which he successfully graduated.
Elliot was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and had lived there for the majority of his life before ultimately deciding to relocate to Los Angeles, California, where he still lives to this day.

Some interesting trivia

In early 2019 Elliot posted a video detailing how he had me the hilariously funny Tonight show host Jimmy Fallon, with whom he had a good laugh and exchanged a few funny jokes between one another. Elliot has stated that Jimmy is one of his idols, and he’s been following his career ever since the talented talk show host appeared in SNL back in the early 2000s.

Elliot has also gained a very respectable following on his Instagram account, where he posts pictures of himself and his friends, as well as his dog. Currently, the account is sitting at 113,000 followers and expected to grow to 200,000 by the end of 2021.

His YouTube channel

Elliot’s self-titled channel is filled with interesting videos such as “How much youtube paid me for 23 million views”, I Almost Died in Alaska,” and “We Got into a Fight in Hawaii,” among his most recent uploads.
On average, his videos get between 130,000 to 300,000 views, making his platform quite big and influential. The talented influencer covers a wide variety of topics and generally uploads witty videos that are quite intellectually sound.
Recently he has also opened a second Instagram page so that he has an exclusive platform to post his photography work, which is one of Elliot’s passions. He has also revealed that he mostly likes to edit his own videos in order to make them just the way that he had envisioned them while filming.

Relationship status

It’s currently unknown whether the YouTube star is with someone special as he hasn’t disclosed any details to the public.


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