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Alicia Dove – Famous Influencer


Who is Alicia Dove?

Alicia Dove is an American dancer, best known for being the founder and the leader of the rock dance group called the Cherry Bombs. Besides this, she is the wife of rock singer and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor.


January 16, 1985

Birth Place

Texas, USA

Zodiac Sign


Early Life

Alicia had a strong love for rock and metal music during her childhood. She used to listen to popular bands of the 1980s and the 1990s, especially the music of Joan Jett, the lead singer of Joan Jett, and the Blackhearts. Joan was one of her biggest inspirations for her future career direction. She had immense love for dancing as well.


After completing her early education, Dove first started her professional career as a dancer. She became a cheerleader in the NFL and worked with the Atlanta Falcons squad.

As a cheerleader, she was regularly performing in front of 80,000 fans, not including those watching on television. In the meantime, she also got the opportunity to travel around the world. She visited a lot of countries and performed in many events.

Eventually, she became tired of dancing to the same songs with the same style. She wanted a change. So, she decided to not further continue this work.

Dove turned back towards music and started working on creating a new group. She wanted to create a group that should be a cocktail of multiple aspects such as the Pussycat Dolls, skilled dancers who showed a sexier side with a Cirque de Soleil style, doing stunts and acrobatic performances, all while performing to hit rock ‘n’ roll music. After gathering several dancers as per her wish, she created the Cherry Bombs, named after the hit song of the Joan Jett band, the Runaways. This song is one of the bests rock songs.

The Cherry Bombs quickly became the center of attention with their mix of dancing, acrobatics, sensuality, stunts, and performances with fire. All the members of Cherry Bombs were highly skilled, and the group began dancing as a front act for popular rock groups. People had mistaken them for go-go dancers due to their attire. But, they eventually got a lot of success around the country. After that, they became a front act for bands like Stone Sour and Steel Panther.

Now, they’ve also made an impact with their online presence by launching a YouTube channel. It documents some of their performances, tours, and individual stories about becoming a member of Cherry Bombs.

Personal Life

Alicia Dove is married to Slipknot singer Corey Anderson since October 2019. The couple first in 2014 when Dove was a cheerleader for Atlanta Falcons.
Dove and Taylor announced their engagement in April 2019. Taylor proposed Dove while both were at home. She wasn’t working with the group due to an ankle injury. The couple married after five months in October 2019. After her marriage, she returned to her professional career with big plans in 2020.


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