Jessica Wesson – Famous Actress

Who is Jessica Wesson?

Jessica Wesson is a retired popular actress. Jessica is most famous for her amazing portrayal of Jennifer Sudarsky, Brad’s first girlfriend on the popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement. She also had prominent supporting roles in Universal films such as Flipper and Casper in the 1990s. She was encouraged early on in her life to pursue acting by her parents, which she has stated in interviews really helped her to steer her professional career in that direction.
Jessica has been nominated for the Young Artist Award on two occasions, once in 1993 and again in 1997, which she received for her roles in Flipper and Home Improvement, proving that she had the talent for being a convincing and believable actress. She also starred in the popular 1994 romantic comedy movie Milk Money, which revolves around three 11-year-old boys who happen to find themselves behind “the battle of the sexes,” their motive is to see a real, live naked lady. The film received a cult-like following in recent years.


January 11982

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California, United States

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Other acting roles she starred in and her last role

Jessica was also featured in the hit TV show Baywatch, where she played a girl who almost drowned due to a malfunctioning life vest. She has also appeared in Boy Meets World and the cult classic Odd Man Out. Jessica also had a recurring role as Katie Albright in 2001s Judging Amy. Her last official acting job is credited as playing Kelly Montgomery in the 2001 American comedy film Longshot.

Life after acting for Jessica.

Having retired at a relatively young age, Jessica has been largely out of the public eye ever since she made her last appearance in 2001s Longshot. Much to the disappointment of many as she was a beloved actress and fans rallied to see her take on another role, to no success.
But many child stars decide to go the route of choosing the normal life over one that involves fame and everything that comes with it.
Later in 2010, Jessica appeared after a 9-year hiatus for a brief role directing and starring in two short films: The Other Way Around and The Weird Ones. Other than that, she has been keeping to herself and hasn’t appeared anywhere for over a decade now.
The famed actress is still remembered fondly, and it’s undoubtedly that she was the childhood crush of many youngsters back in the 1990s, as is evident by the abundance of fan pages dedicated to her that still have active members in them to this day. The very fact that compliments and adoration for her have stayed just shows how big of an impact she left in the relatively short time she was an actress; she was definitely the shining beacon to an otherwise nostalgic era from the past.


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