He has built an online community of over 2.7 million members! Meet Scott Hughes, Founder of OnlineBookClub

When Scott Hughes was 19, he started OnlineBookClub.org. Today, this site has over 2.7 million registered members and continues to grow. Since 2014, Scott has been able to dedicate himself to the website full-time, and it has grown to make up a huge community of readers and lovers of books. 

But what is OnlineBookClub.org? As the name suggests, it is an online community of avid readers who share their interests and take advantage of the many perks and benefits that the site offers. Joining the community is completely free and has remained free since its inception. In addition to the community, the website consistently offers free books in exchange for reviews, sweepstakes and prizes, and many other benefits that are available for all members who register.

Led by Hughes, the team that manages the website has recently released an e-reading branded app that is meant to compete with Kindle. The app is called OBC Reader and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

OnlineBookClub.org often has fundraisers to help homeles youth or other causes, such as building playgrounds. Hughes took an active interest in the activities and was at the forefront of the charity fundraisers.



The site has been growing continuously thanks to the way it has to hook avid readers. It offers a space for book discussions, constant giveaways, contests, and so much more. One particular perk is the possibility of getting paid for doing reviews. The site’s members can get the chance to receive free book copies and even some money for honest reviews, mostly for emerging authors. The website has high standards for paid reviews but offers anyone a chance to try it. 

In addition to his valuable work to bring together readers, Hughes is the author of four books and another one yet to come. The ones released so far are titled: Justice: A Novella, 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book, Achieve Your Dreams, and The Banned Book about Love. #InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All is scheduled for release soon, as Hughes has announced that the draft has been completed. You can find his books with all the main retailers. 



OnlineBookClub.org is a good place to find more books to read and enjoy and to connect with like-minded individuals. Many a bibliophile has found a special place here to talk to other book lovers. In addition to the paid reviews option, the site offers Amazon card giveaways and other exciting events that update consistently and are always centered around books. For discovering indie authors making good literature and a community of people to discuss the books with, OnlineBookClub.org might be a great option that has been building a community for several years. 

You can find Scott working on OnlineBookClub.org. You can also connect with him directly @scott_hughes on Instagram, and on Twitter @scottmhughes.


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