An interaction with Linda Julius, Author of ‘Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths!’

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing Linda Julius. She is a dog lover and the owner of a Golden Retriever dog named Blissy. She is the author of the book – Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths!   

The book is about – How to take a liver tumor diagnosis of 24 hours, and turn it into 365 additional days of life with your dog”. 

It provides the true story of Golden Retriever dog BLISSY and her owner Linda. Blissy had been diagnosed with “inoperable liver cancer” in November 2019. 

When the vet said that Blissy has hours maximum days to live and Linda should put Blissy down, Linda’s entire world collapsed. Thankfully Linda & Blissy both refused to accept this death diagnosis. Instead, Linda started cooking with a special cooking method. This book is also an easy road map to the essentials of canine nutrition, written in easy-to-understand language.

Based on her own journey with her beloved dog Blissy, Linda describes how she met Blissy and why she finally turned to become the only true love in her life. Based on her connection to Blissy, Linda started to cook daily for Blissy in her conventional pressure cooker after the diagnosis as she knew that this is one of the healthiest cooking methods worldwide, based on the oxygen which eliminates during the cooking process. This means that all the vitamins stay inside the food. 

Linda had worked for years as a corporate trainer, teaching others how to use this conventional pressure cooker, so in that frightening situation, Linda thought, “What’s good for humans can’t be bad for dogs”.

Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths

By starting a complex research process for over a year, Linda found out that the pet food industry has let us caring dog owners down. We have depended on them in order to provide wholesome nutrition to keep our beloved four-legged buddies healthy. Although they advertise ingredients as holistic, natural, and human-grade, in reality, ingredients of canned dog food are often waste products from the human food industry or rendered meals from diseased animal carcasses. Dog owners seeking to give their dogs a better coat, better skin, and healthier teeth and gums, as well as longer lives, will benefit not only from the background data in this book but also the step-by-step instructions and Blissy’s favorite recipes for preparing the home-cooked dog food.

Please tell us about your book – Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths!

  • Do you want to feed your beloved dog in a healthy and sustainable manner?
  • Are you also tired of reading scary dog food recalls that are putting your dog’s health at very high risk?
  • Do you, as a dog owner just want a simple solution that puts you in control and allows for your dog to live a happier, longer, and healthier life? Then keep reading…

It is no wonder that we are confused, and the reason for that is that the pet food industry has spent millions of advertising dollars to convince vet clinics, veterinarians, and the pet-owning public that the only way to provide a complete diet is to feed processed industrial food. Linda opens up her world and journey with Blissy, not knowing if Blissy would still be with her at night. She always has in her mind what else the vet said, which was “the tumor can burst inside your dog, and nobody knows when this is going to happen. It can be now, in a few hours or in a few days.” When Blissy and Linda had to listen to those words in that pet clinic, Linda remembers the way her dog looked at her.

It was as if she would say to her: “Please do not give up on me yet!” 

Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths

And this was one of those special moments in life, where you get a shitload of goosebumps just thinking about it, knowing that you will never ever forget…

This is not only a true story, but it is also a guide to feeding your dog a balanced and nutritious home-cooked diet, which is not intended to earn more money due to sickness, but to extend a dog’s precious life and optimize it for the better! Many dog lovers want to prepare their dog’s food at home but feel it is too complex. The book includes charts with those recipes, instructions on how to use a conventional pressure cooker, guidelines on preparation, and suggestions for antioxidants and what not to feed at all. 

Blissy extended her life despite cancer myths

This book is currently published in the following 13 countries and on Kindle Unlimited for free so that readers CAN save $25. ONLY on Black Friday between 10-11 am PST, it will be on Amazon for just $0,99. On 10th December it is available in the German language as well.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Never give up, even if you lose your work of over 10,000 hours within 12 months (I did..) and have to write the book all over again (which I did… getting up each morning at 4 am for over 2 months, working daily 16 hours on the book again..).

Any message for our readers

Always get a 3rd opinion and believe your guts!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can check out my website  as well as check them on Youtube: Cooking Hero Linda.

You can also check out my Instagram and Twitter.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead and wish Blissy a long and healthy life!

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