Award-winning directors, Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir talk about their company, The Dream Team Directors and their upcoming film, Time Is Eternal

Please tell us about The Dream Team Directors.

Our company is a husband and wife Filmmaker’s passion united around stories and meaningful themes with a strong interest in the aesthetic and visual power of filmmaking.

We believe in the transformational ability of film and are excited by how movies inspire imagination and the way we think, feel, dress, talk and experience the world.

We’ve been so blessed to collaborate with brands and celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Stirling, Bella Hadid, Jesse Jo Stark, Coldplay, and more.

Your new film looks absolutely breathtaking, how do you manage such perfection?

Collaborating on “Time is Eternal” with our star Berite Labelle was remarkable. Bayou’s love of fantasy, mermaids, female empowerment, iconic women that changed the world were long-standing visions that came into reality in the stunning collaboration with Berite.

Our job as Directors is to bring out the BEST in every department in a film. For example, acting, cinematography, set design, script, lighting, styling, hair, and make-up.

To be honest, we push every detail of our films to the HIGHEST possible level we can with the best team we can find. A typical example is that even one day before our first shoot day, we still didn’t feel we had our “IT” Cleopatra gown, and so we inspired our stylist Wilford Lenov to keep searching, and that is how we found the stunning gold Cleopatra gown that was actually on hold for Beyonce.

When we as Directors with Berite looked at portfolios of various stylists, we had to see the greatest potential in their creativity as it translated into the vision of “Time is Eternal .”How were we going to portray the characters in a powerfully stylized way without being slaves to history? Wilford Le-nov, in his work for Bebe Rexha, Saweetie, and Iggy Azalea, had a clear talent of turning fashion into conceptual art. This is what we wanted to accomplish with iconic characters like Cleopatra and Mary Wollstoncraft, a writer, philosopher, and an advocate of women’s rights (and the mother of Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein).

We were very lucky that our star, Berite Labelle, shared our in-tense work ethic with her unbelievable determination to perform diverse and complex roles, do underwater performance, and ethnic dance. Not only is Berite Labelle an incredible model with cover shots for Glamour, but she also lived and breathed the characters and went into such deep historical research on the characters.


Who are your role models?

Daniel Lir said: “My role model is Tom Ford because I feel he is such an incredible artist and creator in spirit and in his career. His creativity is so visible in his film “A Single Man,” which is so visionary, well designed, and I love how he can be a filmmaker and simultaneously so many other things.”

Bayou: “My hero in the film industry is Wes Anderson. Not only does he bring his own style to the screen: fashion, props, over-the-top characters, color themes, and more. He also manages to uplift you and make you feel life is magical, and life is aesthetics, life is more than our every day 9-5 jobs.”

You have worked with some huge brands. Please share your experiences about that.

Working with Davis Factor of Smashbox Cosmetics or Laurie Lynn Stark of Chrome Hearts or Paris Hilton, or any of these brands, you realize that these are just individuals who have the courage, skills, and personal vision to be who they are. We truly respect this courage and persistence these individuals and brands have and seek to understand their deepest desires and to help them achieve their artist and brand goals. It’s a big win to be a part of their immense creativity, add to it and be a part of that tradition of shaping the world. Lastly, experiences working with fashion legends like Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera are moments that are truly unforgettable and will always inspire us to be visionary creators.

What are some of the destinations that you loved filming?

Wherever we go, we are excited by the ability of filmmaking to be influenced by foreign visual worlds and to use filmmaking as an exploration of culture and exotic aesthetics to go where we have never gone before.

At this point, Asia has been fascinating, especially in our film “Tombstone Pillow, where we filmed in a Manila cemetery where 6000 families actually live.

We also love filming in LA and NYC, our two favorite cities. Our film “Time is Eternal” was filmed in a historical landmark called “The Paramour” in Los Angeles, which features stunning art and design collected from across the globe, giving a true sense of the ancient Middle Eastern and 18th-century European world. Lastly, we also realized our vision of filming at La-guna Beach for the mermaid scenes, a location beloved by us as artists.

Time Is Eternal Fashion Film Preview


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

We love creating positivity, hope, and beauty with our storytelling. In our new film “Time is Eternal,” starring Berite Labelle, for example, we are excited to tell a story about the power of the imagination, the important female historical figures who changed the course of history, and to show the empowering qualities of women. But then there is also a very large love of the craft that runs simultaneously. We are in love with lighting and fashion and style and hair and make-up and camera movement and color.

What factors helped you in your success journey?

What helped us most was being a team that fully supports each other, having very aligned goals, and being determined to make our dreams come true. After accomplishing that, it was hard work, incredible persistence, and learning everything we could about marketing, business and sales.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

Every project has tremendous challenges when you are attempting to create bold new worlds and universes that do not yet exist. The way we keep above the problems is to not be afraid of them and to handle them as soon as they come up.


What are some of the tips that you would like to give to those who would like to start a career in film?

We would say to make a short film that is uniquely original, that only you can tell, and to find the best support team possible to back you up in telling that story. But to also practice and practice until you feel you are ready for that challenge.

How can people connect with you?

We would be psyched if brands connected with us on The Dream Team Directors website and  @dreamteam directors on IG.

Also, we would be thrilled to invite influencers, content creators, and brands to do our new online course created from 20 years of working with the top brands and celebrities. It’s about how to build your Brand, Your following, your Empire with just a Mobile Phone.

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