The Montessori Box™ in Canada allows children to experience a wide range of essential learning skills, shares Founder Dupe!

In recent years, the concept of boxes – packages that provide a selection of high-quality foods, materials, toys, or more, has grown in popularity. It has become especially requested during pandemic times as a source of safe novelty and fun. But what if these boxes could provide a valuable set of educational materials? That’s the question Dupe, founder of the Montessori Box, asked herself. 

Her creation is a Montessori box targeting kids at different developmental stages with instructions and materials delivered right to the door. Today, when many kids and parents find themselves stuck at home a lot more than in the pre-pandemic times, something like this becomes especially interesting.

Dupe’s box is curated professionally, eco-friendly, and supports child development across different areas. Each box comes with a different stock of products that support autonomous learning and encourage growth. 

So, let’s hear Dupe’s journey…

Hi, Great to have you with us today! What stands out about the Montessori method? What distinguishes it from other educational approaches?

The Montessori approach allows children to explore freely according to their needs and developmental stage. It allows kids to learn while respecting their autonomy and provides an environment that they can explore. Unlike many other approaches, the Montessori system is meant to encourage the child’s natural desires to learn and pursue their own interests. I studied the Montessori method in France and Belgium and believe it to be a highly effective option for kids and the one I apply in my own family as well. It reflects the child’s developmental needs and stimulates their independence. 




Can the Montessori method be applied in the home by a parent?

This method is easy to understand and apply with the right materials, and my goals with the box were to provide just that. In addition to the materials, each set explains how to use the theme. To apply the method at home, the parent needs to understand and focus on their child’s needs and wishes within the framework of their development stage. It involves giving children the right environment and encouraging their natural tendencies to learn and explore according to their interests. The parent needs to provide the toys and tools and organize the environment so that the child feels encouraged to play as they will. Then, the parent should offer guidance on how to use the toys and walk the child through them. Through these simple steps, the child can benefit from the Montessori method at home. I believe in the method, and I have studied it for years, but even those who are not professional guides can implement it with the right support.



What was the idea behind the Montessori box?

I believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is independence. That is, for sure, what I wanted to give to my own kids, and introducing them to this kind of environment and learning was highly rewarding. I felt that they were genuinely becoming much more autonomous. I wanted to share that experience and offer it to more children in their homes.

Why did you choose to run a box delivery service?

I wanted to provide curated content with guaranteed educational quality to every child. The box allowed me to deliver educational materials based on the Montessori method straight to the door of many children and also help parents learn how to implement it. Because independence is such a valuable asset for any kid and the Montessori approach is one of the best ways to promote it from an early age, I wanted to make sure anyone could access high-quality education. Delivering the tools to the doorstep seemed like an excellent idea to reach families across the board.



What do your boxes include? How are the materials chosen?

Each box has different materials that are focused on a specific developmental stage. Kids who are 0 to 12 months old, 12 to 18 months old, 18 to 24 months old, and 24 months to 3 years old; all have different needs. They play and learn in ways that are appropriate to that development stage. Children also need to learn in various areas, so they can develop their sensory, language, everyday, or math skills. 

This is what we take into account for each box. It includes educational materials focused on a specific type of skills and addressed at kids of a specific age. The materials are curated by certified instructors and are included along with a set of guidelines for the parents to use. They are certifiably safe and have a high quality. We want to do what’s best for the environment, so all our products are completely eco-friendly.


What do you feel has changed with the pandemic?

The pandemic has changed education for families with kids of all ages, and there are very reasonable concerns that there is not the same access to education. Children might not have opportunities they would have otherwise, and their learning might be compromised. The early stages of childhood are crucial for the development of many basic skills, and children are just learning all the time. If parents can support this tendency, there is no reason they should miss out on developing during these difficult months. I think that the boxes become especially important during the pandemic because they provide the chance for parents to support the education of their kids from home. The boxes have everything they need to create an optimal learning environment, so even if the parents have never used the Montessori method before, they can do it easily. I think the pandemic has made at-home education especially important and highlighted that my mission with these boxes is very necessary. 

The Montessori Box is a fun and interesting solution from a mom and education expert that can help create a solid learning environment at home. With materials for kids between 0 and 3 years, there are some interesting options to explore, based on an effective method that cultivates autonomy. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit the website and Instagram


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!