Julia Berger Unveils RITWOTE: Join the Bra-Free Revolution on Kickstarter

RITWOTE, the revolutionary new t-shirt for women offering built-in breast support without the use of a bra, is live on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

According to surveys conducted by the startup, 80% of women are saying that they would like to be without a bra during the day but say they cannot because of the size and shape of their breasts. RITWOTE’s innovative and patented t-shirts eliminate the need for traditional bras while still providing exceptional support and enhancing overall comfort. 

“I haven’t liked bras all my life, they make me uncomfortable. In the summer when it’s hot, I especially looked for opportunities to be bra-free. And I sewed myself such models of clothes that cover my breasts. After 3 children, I realized that I need also to lift my breasts,” says founder and inventor Julia Berger on the inspiration behind the project. “And I found a solution, got 2 patents and my wonderful partner and I created a joint business.” 

The RITWOTE innovative inserts provide full support for the breasts, including larger sizes, without the use of straps or rigid inserts that can compress and put pressure on the surface of the body. It helps to relieve stress caused to muscles of the shoulder and cervical collar area while also reducing the risk of fungal and skin diseases caused by tight-fitting bras. The RITWOTE inserts’ innovative design covers the entire breasts from one side to the other, allowing for more comfortable placement of the breasts and a more beautiful shape.  

“All brands that make clothing with breast support use 2 separate cups, and they don’t support the breasts, they just cover them. RITWOTE’s one-piece cup supports the breasts and the breasts rest on it like on a shelf, relieving the strain on the shoulders and back. This is a revolution in breast support. It doesn’t constrict the body, impede the flow of lymph or free blood circulation— it’s just like a hug! And it’s HealthTech,” adds Berger.  

RITWOTE is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter.

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