She is a role model for many marketers! Meet Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at

Jeanne Hopkins is the Chief Revenue Officer at, a marketing expert, a writer, and an amazing professional with over 30 years of experience in marketing. Her book Go Mobile is one of the best-sellers on the topic of marketing, and Jeanne herself is an expert with a complex and fascinating professional journey. 

Jeanne has built unique marketing strategies from executive positions at different international companies like, Ipswitch, HubSpot, Microsemi, SmartBear, MarketingSherpa, and Continuum. For these companies, her leadership and ideas helped them grow significantly, for instance, bringing HubSpot to the number 2 spot of the fastest-growing companies list curated by Inc.

Jeanne has been named one of the 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals by SLMA four times and has received numerous accolades and awards for her work. In addition, she received a Marketing Innovators Award, which offered support for the hard work she had done with her team in Ipswitch, achieving huge growth and a large impact on the company.

The Demand Gen Report B2B Innovator Awards were created to spotlight B2B executives who think outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that help move the overall B2B industry forward.

The current involvement of Jeanne Hopkins with OneScreen started when she was a customer and one of the first customers, too. She served as a mentor for the team at this startup while working at HubSpot and eventually was invited to join the team, as her advice and expertise served a significant purpose and helped integrate the voice of the customer into the organization, something especially important for a company like OneScreen. It works to connect marketers to their ideal customers and offer consumers content that they actually want, bringing ads into the real world in an effective and constructive way.


Voicing customer concerns and needs is Jeanne’s specialty. Since her time at, she integrated a specific type of meeting that was called Voice of the Customer. It created a much more important and actionable type of meeting that could change the direction of the platform and the product. It brings the customer-facing departments directly in contact with the rest of the team, with the leaders of these departments bringing feedback directly to the other people involved. This meeting and focus on direct customer feedback were revolutionary for and offered an insight into Hopkins’ ability to create an innovative strategy that improved the product directly.

She has always loved marketing; everything that fits into this function: building a program and communicating it, teaching others, mixing the art and science of marketing to create something unique, and bring it to the customers who will adore it and value it. Jeanne Hopkins is always looking for win-win scenarios for the customers, the company, and society as a whole.

For Hopkins, marketing is moving towards personalized attention, recognizing customers as more than just sources of money, but also individuals. Marketing is, at heart, a collaborative effort. It involves being part of a team and working well with others, and also considering the value other people can add. Hopkins’ unique strength is creating win-win scenarios that do not view all the people involved just like products or sources of money, but rather view them as individuals with a lot to add. Customers, for instance, are the ones who can give the most important feedback, and members of the team can make valuable contributions to the service that is being developed. She frames marketing as a collaborative endeavor. 

To share her knowledge, Hopkins has used various tools. In 2019, she launched Table Fries, a personal podcast meant to help female employees to develop their public speaking skills and to empower women from around the world. It teaches that marketable content doesn’t need just to be something entertaining or, worse, something to be consumed and discarded, but rather that content can become something more. Table Fries is an example of empowering marginalized groups and offering a platform for those who might not have a voice otherwise. Table Fries came as a result of an insight she had after ordering, well, table fries at a restaurant. Hopkins began to think about the idea of a specific, “snack” marketing brand that could be presented in quick bites for promoting learning and discovery. In particular, Hopkins was inspired to pursue the topic of public speaking because she noticed that most of the women on her team, which was quite inclusive and featured over half of female members, did not have public speaking experience. They had never been asked to do something like that, while guys tended to get asked more. So, she created a space for guests to share their stories and get practice with their public speaking skills. The goal was to create content that could easily be binged and serve as a form of entertainment, providing voices and empowering guests and listeners. Table Fries offered a perfect mix of opportunities. 

Jeanne co-authored the best-selling mobile marketing book Go Mobile that is a must-read for any marketers seeking to use this kind of tool. She is also an accomplished public speaker, an advisor, and a mentor with years of experience to offer. In addition to her work in executive positions, she has served on the Advisory Boards of BrightInfo since 2012, Bedrock Data since 2014, the Sales Lead Management Association since 2015, and as co-chair of the MassTLC Sales and Marketing Group.

Jeanne Hopkins offers a new approach to marketing, one that creates win-win scenarios and features a lot of learning, collaboration, and innovation to improve the products and services offered for a better customer experience. Placing the customer front and center, Jeanne has managed to positively affect the companies she has worked with, revolutionizing their work process and creating new procedures that save time and get results. With her unique experience and skills, Hopkins is a role model for many marketers and an executive with dozens of notches on her belt.

You can follow her on Twitter @jeannehopkins.


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