How to teach kids about risk of dangerous animals without taking the fun away? Animals: Chomp Chomp by Author Vievanessa Kidz is the answer!

Have you ever wondered how you’d warn your children about the dangers of wild animals? ANIMALS: CHOMP CHOMP by Author VIEVANESSA Kidz is just the book you need to teach your young ones about the risk of dangerous animals without taking the fun away. VIEVANESSA Kidz is a children’s singer and songwriter whose books have the unique ability to be either read or sung. 

With its colorful and fun-filled illustrations, the book ANIMALS: CHOMP CHOMP quickly catches children’s attention, enabling them to easily learn the essential lesson of safety when encountering animals that can do them harm. It is not a scary book, but it effectively instills that important recall of what these animals can do if one is not careful with them.


Meanwhile, the book is very imaginative and sparks the creativity of children, immersing them in a fantastical world where they wish they could simply play and have fun with the animals they like. In a way, this book combines both imagination and realistic thinking, getting into the child’s playful world and then guiding them back to real life, reminding them what is not possible to do. Parents and children can spend precious hours listening to and narrating the story told through rhymes, having fun while learning about the different animals they should be cautious about. I just love the playful words used in this book; you feel the rhythm just reciting them. Sooner or later, you may just find yourself singing them! And true enough, this book even had a music video that just made the book come to life. I hope you can watch it, too, so you and your young ones won’t just read along, you’d sing along and never forget this story. 

The last part of The “ANIMALS: CHOMP CHOMP audiobook has a special treat for its listeners, a musical version of the book (the ANIMALS song (which was a semifinalist in the 2019 International songwriting contest), as a bonus gift that allows children experience it in all its forms. So you can read, sing and dance “ANIMALS.”

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The above is a book review by Jocelyn Soriano, Author, Blogger, and Book Reviewer. You can read the review here.