Bestselling Author Mimi Novic collaborates with Ranting and Wild Gallery to share her powerful words through art

Mimi Novic is bringing a new way to inspire her fans. As a self development teacher and author, she has made a name for herself for her powerful words. Today, she is sharing her limited edition prints that will feature new wall art that combines the very best of graphic design with the very best of Novic’s thoughts and ideas. 

Mimi Novic is a best-selling author who has carved a place for herself among the top inspirational, motivational, and spiritual creators in the world. She writes about truly meaningful things, and her books have inspired thousands to take control of their lives and discover their spirituality in a new way. Her work has been empowering for many around the world and has helped her become one of the better recognized motivational teachers in the field. Novic offers wellness and lifestyle coaching and is in high demand thanks to the unique expertise that she offers. Mimi Novic offers self-development and spiritual growth support that allows her to serve as a coach for people with a variety of challenges in their lives. Novic has collaborated with top-notch coaches, healers, and professionals in the field of wellness, which has helped her enhance her approach and draw inspiration from some of the leading thinkers in her area. The coach is also known for her inspiring workshops and one-on-one work. In addition, she has collaborated with well-known retreats and clinics all over the world.

Currently, Novic is exploring a new way of sharing her ideas: through wall art. A series of exclusive and exciting prints feature some of the best quotes from this thought leader. Mimi Novic is making her quotes available through beautiful art that is certain to fit any decor and add a touch of spirituality and reflection to the space. The wall art has been developed in collaboration with Ranting and Wild Gallery, and the prints offer a closer way of engaging with her ideas. Each quote is powerful and meaningful, with a design that adds to the experience and encourages people to reflect deeply on the ideas it presents.


Each print will be a limited edition, offering only 21 prints of each design to be shipped worldwide. You can view the wall art on Mimi Novic’s website and take a look at the gorgeous and unique design. You can also preview the designs on Ranting and Wild website, which takes you directly to Novic’s Ranting and Wild Gallery. The quotes that the author has chosen are among the most useful ones she has offered, as well as some of the most popular with the people she has worked with. In addition, Novic offers a selection of unique and gorgeous art that offers a constant reminder to connect with one’s spiritual side and emotions, motivating people to grow and to enjoy a bit of inspiration in one’s own home or workspace. 


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