Artist and Interior Designer Brandilee creates unique home looks through her venture Tasteful Staging!

Brandilee, an Artist, Interior Designer, and Builder; the businesswoman behind many diverse companies. 

Her journey started in her early twenties when she was an artist and traveled around the United States painting murals in churches and performing restorations. That later lead to Flip Properties. Brandilee’s first property flip was when she was twenty-five. An old gas station in downtown that she converted into a small apartment with an art studio. Her love of flipping evolved into her becoming a designer and builder. That is how Tastefulstaging has been born.

Tastefulstaging has Brandilee as a host, and shows amazing transformations while also teaching you special finishes in each project. Also, Brandilee does quick DIYs for all kinds of household tips.

If there is one tip that Brandilee can share is Love what you do. That helps you become successful on your journey.

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