Learn How To Create Amazing Video Using Music And Pictures

A lot of people on social media like to publish their video clips in addition to reposting videos they enjoy. Unfortunately, in-depth video editing is time-consuming, especially if you’re not experienced. But what if you want to learn how to construct a basic music video using photographs and don’t want to overcomplicate things?

If you thought making a video film would take hours, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It only takes a few minutes if you use the appropriate tool. The user-friendly capabilities should enable you to make your photographs come to life and assist you in adding great background music to impress your audience.

To make your movie instructive, you may include multiple montages, a background soundtrack, and more. And all of this in under 5 minutes.

Editor tool make it easy for anyone with no material skill in editing to make professional-looking videos. Many businesses and even individual producers may not have the financial means to spend. Video collage maker can help them, especially when they wish to add music and images to make their movies more interactive. This step-by-step instruction will be immensely beneficial for a modest corporation or a creative individual searching for a fast solution to making decent quality small projects such as a birthday video or a small ad for your business.

Step 1: Create an account and upload files

To use a video collage maker online, you must first create an account on the website of the service providers. Then, select the photos you want to add to the video collage and any background music you wish to add. Even if you do not have a background music list, most online video editors provide an array of background music for you to choose from. 

Upload: This feature allows you to upload photos from your system.

Stock Media: This allows you to select a few images from an in-built gallery.

You may change the font and colour scheme, add captions, content, sounds, subtitle, etc. If you forgot to upload a photo, you may go back to the “Media” page and do so or select from the “Stock Media” section.

It is easy to add music to your video because it video collage maker online already has several common tones posted for your convenience.

Select the audio tab from the left pane.

You can select music from the database or upload a song from your PC.

When you click once on the audio file, it will be applied to the images. You may put this to the test by playing it on the dashboard.

You may change the song’s loudness by dragging the slider to the desired level.

If you need more files in the editor, simply select the option that says ‘add files’ or drag them to the page. You can rearrange the files by dragging them beneath the player.

Step 2: Add animations and transitions 

Simply choose one of the many transition edits for your multimedia video.

The way your photographs are altered from one to the next in the sequence in the finished video is called a video transition effect. Fade, blur, swivel, etc., are some of the effects to consider adding to your video collage.

Step 3: Select the aspect ratio for your video

You may choose the aspect ratio of the finished video at this point. The aspect ratio is the ratio of your video’s sides – how trimmed the sides are from all four directions.

Keep in mind that if the aspect ratio of your photos differs from the one you choose for your video, some photos may get cropped.

Choose the aspect ratio depending on the platform you plan to publish your video on. For example, in the case of Instagram reels, the aspect ratio might differ from that of Youtube videos. All the required information regarding ideal aspect ratios can be found on the internet by simply making a Google search. Nowadays, even vertical formats of videos have gained popularity. So think hard before choosing a perfect aspect ratio to fill in your video collage maker online.

Step 4: Check the preview when you think you are done editing

Check out the preview to see whether the video is up to par. Click “Edit” to make some changes. Click “Download” if you want to download the movie to your device or save it to the cloud or G-Drive.

Keep saving your work in drafts in case you are taking breaks. It is a good habit to avoid mistakes that could cause you to lose all your hard work. 

Step 5: Export your final video

After you’ve completed adding music to the movie with the photos you’ve uploaded, the last action would be to export your hard work. Simply select the Export option in the upper right corner. Depending on the video size, the export procedure might take anything from a few seconds to many minutes.

After that, your video is ready to be used as follows:

-To be downloaded to your pc

-Posted publicly as a link

-To be used as a Facebook status update

-To be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Video collage maker online can be your one-stop application that allows anybody to make wonderful clips in minutes, from merging or editing photographs on a video to merging audio, integrating computer animation, dynamic text, and overlay titles. It’s a no-brainer to learn how to produce a video using photographs and music. You’ll soon learn by experimenting with those features once you see them. It’s all done with a single button press. It’s that simple!


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