How much do aluminium window frames cost?


Aluminum windows are frequently used in modern home construction. They are frequently specified not only because of their attractive appearance but also because of the many functional advantages they offer.

If you’re looking for a window material, consider something other than aluminum because you might think it’s only suitable for brand-new constructions. While weighing the greater cost of aluminum windows against the benefits they provide, like superior thermal efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and extended service lives, it is vital to remember that the best models also offer these advantages.

Yet, these are merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the most important things to remember when shopping for aluminum windows. Learn more about aluminum windows, including the benefits and drawbacks, pricing, and where to get them.

What is the average price of aluminum window frames?

Do aluminum windows cost a lot of money? Because they are not widely known as a cheap alternative, this is a popular question among those thinking about getting them to replace their windows.

Nevertheless, at £400-£600 a pop, aluminum windows are not the most budget-friendly option. Yet there’s a reason for it, and once it comes to something as crucial as your home’s infrastructure, cheap isn’t always optimal.

Compared to other window materials, aluminum windows offer superior aesthetics, longevity, and thermal efficiency, making the initial investment worthwhile. And unlike wooden windows, you won’t have to worry about future upkeep fees.

The cost to install or replace aluminum windows will depend on various criteria, such as the size of the building, the number of windows you install or change, and the type of glazing you want. The rates you receive will be based in part on the size and specifications of the windows.

What is the difference in price between clear and tinted aluminum windows?

Adding some color to your new aluminum windows is a great idea, and we won’t hold it against you. You are entitled to fabulousness. Most of the time, you should expect to pay an extra 10–15% to get a more intriguing finish instead of the boring white aluminum. Powder coating the aluminum in any more than two-hundred available colors from the RAL color chart.

You have probably noticed that RAL 7016, often called Anthracite Grey, is the most common color for aluminum windows. If you’re having trouble deciding on a paint color for your windows, go with 7016; it’s sophisticated and complements various decor styles.

If you’re curious about the RAL chart, you can find it here. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, including the eye-catching Pigeon Blue that will complement your pigeon-colored home and the distinctive Pigeon Yellow that will complement your furniture.

Take away

The aluminum windows provide unparalleled style and utility, elevating any room to new heights. They are made and fashioned carefully to suit the specific needs of each buyer. Besides standard sizes, we also provide custom window sizes and shapes. Aluminum window costs are low with us. Hence, if you want the best aluminum window frames for your house, business, or other building, go no further than Weiye Aluminium!