Ztilo woos his fans with a sizzling R&B delicacy in his latest single Peligrosa.

Peligrosa is the single from Ztilo, the rising star who is making splashes on the R&B scene. It draws from his Latino heritage and his musical experience to create a unique and memorable song that is likely to earn the attention of many new fans.

Peligrosa follows in the tracks of his previous releases, Manera and Contigo. Ztilo also chose to build upon the success of his previous music video, I Got You, which helped the new song and its video to become better and more tightly constructed. Peligrosa takes the viewer and the listener into a lavish and luxurious world, full of fancy clothing and mysterious decor that is alluring but also might prove to be dangerous. Peligrosa, after all, means dangerous in Spanish, alluding to the true nature of the song as well. A torrid and sexy ambiance adds just the right touch to draw in the audience and immerse them in the spirit of danger that adds some spice to life. The music video is the perfect complement for Peligrosa. Directed by James Bahman, it is available to watch now.

There is good news for anyone who enjoyed Peligrosa too. Ztilo has announced that he is dropping a new EP, his debut collection, in October 2021. It will be titled No Hard Feelings and will also draw from the artist’s Latin roots and versatile music tastes.

Ztilo is a first-generation Latin American who comes from the Bay Area. His new EP will feature an international and intercultural crew of professionals with Zach Steele, a producer and mixing engineer from LA. His previous credits include Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Trey Songz. In addition to these two roles, he will serve as a co-writer. Kontrabandz, the Russian beats master, and the German Julez Jadon, artist and Saucey Audio founder, also join the team for a well-rounded approach. 

Peligrosa -Ztilo

Ztilo used to be known as Cristiles when he started his hip-hop career, but now he is swooping back with a fresh style and a brand new name to go along with it. 2017 saw him taking a break, but now he is back and giving it everything. His first hit was Good Times, but Peligrosa and his other material take his artistry in a whole new direction. It offers a new look at the performer with more depth while still maintaining the same passion that has always characterized him.

Peligrosa is likely to please fans of Latin music and music with Latin influences. However, with its clever mix of genres, it can also appeal to a wider variety of listeners who are seeking something fresh and innovative with the beats to keep them hooked from the beginning to the end.

You can find Peligrosa on Spotify and stream it on other music platforms as well.

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