Witness the gratifying music of ‘Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice’ band with their latest tracks ‘ADA’ and ‘The Boys From Silicon Valley’

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice are bringing their newest release, a short but concise album with two exciting new tracks: ADA (featuring Silvia Criscenzo) and The Boys From Silicon Valley.

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice stand out for an unorthodox approach to music and a desire to make something original that takes the audience out of this world and presents them with a realm of imagination to explore and play with. This free spirit is evident in all the work from Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, as they have released plenty of singles, collections, and more.

Ada is a gorgeous piece of music that is full of a sense of humanity and emotion. It offers thought-provoking lyrics with even an actionable idea, with a beautiful melody and an impressive performance to go along with it. 

Andrea Pizzo

The band defines their work as something of an audio show, a theatre performance that is carried out only through sound. The more ambitious goal of Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice is to promote an awakening among their audience and not just tell a story but also make a change.

Andrea Pizzo is a unique artist. He stands out thanks to his unusual voice and his deep, driving desire for originality. The EP, featuring Ada and Boys from Silicon Valley, offers a unique blend of classic rock, raw emotion, and rare vulnerability. This new single is exciting and certain to please fans of the band, as well as anyone who enjoyed their previous album release, Potatoes on Mars, which received significantly positive responses.

Both tracks are all about science, and Pizzo usually favors this theme in his music. The lyrics come from the brilliant mind of Raffaella Turbino, while Pizzo himself, Riccardo Morello, and Roberto Tiranti were in charge of the music. 

Andrea Pizzo

Ada is a track dedicated to the iconic Ada Byron, the countess of Lovelace, the first programmer in history, and someone whose mathematical work set the foundation for a lot of modern technology. She is a figure who is not as well-known as she should be, and the track is a way of honoring her and her influence. The Boys of Silicon Valley follows in a similar vein, exploring topics related to science that are sure to leave the listeners with a revived interest in the topic and a pleasant emotional experience after exploring the melodic and beautiful music that Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice have to offer.

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