What young artists should do to target a valued audience?

When youth see plenty of glance content, dreams about popularity come up certainly. The ArtistPush company shares valuable guidance for reaching fame for all young artists performing pop music.

The main point – keep the song simple

Some complexity is good, but we want to use simple words that our audience can sing along with. Many songwriters believe the more complex the rhetoric, the greater the song. NO. You can highlight the piece with some complexity, but the basic foundation of the content should be simple, solid, and easy to understand.

Keep in mind that these gratuities are strictly for up-and-coming artists. Once you’re popular or famous, you can write about anything you wish at that point because you have an audience already.

When the content is easy to understand, your audience can sing along. You can be sure that many of your listeners have the songs they know and love on a playlist, so they have easy access to their favorite music. That is where you want your music to be. I can assure you that keeping your song simple will ultimately get you there!

The next tipping point I would like to share with you to target a valued audience is making the song’s melody fun. You want your music to be memorable. Think of lullabies you used to sing as a child or nursery rhythms that your parents would teach you. To some, you will be surprised how simple songs catch attention. Those melodies are always fun and easy to learn. Keep this same idea when creating your theme for your song. Do your best to create something easy to remember, even for a child. Try to develop sounds that are unique but catchy. Doing this will better your chances of getting the attention of your audience. You don’t want people to listen to your music; you want them to play it again and again. It can sometimes be a challenge for some songwriters depending on how comfortable they are listening to a sound and then creating a sound to go with the sound they’re listening to. This is a unique ability, and your ability to do this effectively separates you from other artists.

Focus on Your Content

Getting your audience’s attention is solely and primarily based on the content of your music. So in retrospect, your content depicts your audience. For example, if you write a song about drinking beer in the ocean, you can be sure that grade school children will not be allowed to play your music in front of their parents. It wouldn’t matter how catchy or straightforward that melody is; your content outweighs everything when it comes to your targeted audience. If you write a song about heartbreak, you’re writing to a specific audience, and typically those that have been through heartbreak will listen. There are instances where people listen to songs they cannot relate to, and that just means that particular artist made some great music!

This is probably one of the most challenging topics for up-and-coming artists. You don’t have an audience yet, so you want to be careful that you don’t discourage anyone from listening to your music. If you choose to use profanity in your lyrics, ArtistPush will encourage you to make sure that you have a version of your song with clean content. As an up-and-coming artist who has not yet developed a solid audience, it’s good to avoid any limitations. It makes sense to have one available if you can reach a bigger audience with a clean version of your track.


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