Versatile Rapper LakeErieMonster’s latest release ‘Fueled’ is set to rule the contemporary Hip Hop

Fueled is the hot new release from emerging rapper LakeErieMonster. The artist first made a splash with his self-titled single debut and now is following that up with the fun and effective track that is coming in with a lot of energy.

Fueled was written, performed, and produced by LakeErieMonster himself. Brandon Green, professionally known as LakeErieMonster, started his musical journey in 2013 under different monikers. In 2021, he debuted with the official release of self-titled single Lake Erie Monster, which was well-received.

LakeErieMonster takes his name from so-called Bessie, the legendary beast reportedly living in Lake Erie in Ohio. This is a nod to the rapper’s Ohio roots, and he continues to be based in this state. With an evocative artistic name that draws attention, LakeErieMonster sets himself apart from other artists in the genre.

Fueled follows the trend of his debut track that was released last year, offering strong beats and lyrics for an experience that leaves the listener wanting more. It has a slightly unsettling tone and aesthetic with electronic sounds, mixes, and distortions that create a unique melody, both harmonious and serious. With flawless delivery, LakeErieMonster is sure to rise quickly through the ranks of indie rappers. His tracks are already being picked for best of indie rap material and similar, which shows great potential. While this artist debuted only recently in an official capacity, he is taking off with a bang.

A short time after his debut, LakeErieMonster is already becoming a recognizable name in the indie scene. The buzz around the rapper is growing, thanks to the quality of his music, and it is certain that he will gain more fans in the future.

Stream Fueled via all major music platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. Make sure to follow the rapper on Instagram @erie_monster to learn more about his projects and stay tuned for new releases.


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