Rising Hip Hop Artist turnupwater’s latest release ‘Out of Focus’ is an engaging mix of modern flavors!!

Out of Focus is the newest release from turnupwater, a rising hip-hop artist who is making waves in the rap indie scene. With a strong devotion to God and a lot of musical talent, turnupwater is growing in popularity and reaching more people. 

Coming from Springfield, Illinois, the artist is currently based in Los Angeles and is creating and promoting his music, but more than that, a whole movement based on his religious philosophy and approach to song creation. He is not just a singer and songwriter but also a creator of visual content and photographer with his own company focusing on this aspect of his talent.

The newest release is a mixtape featuring Out of Focus, a fresh and funky track from producer Zion Williams and featuring old-school sounds and a lot of meaning. Unlike many other hip-hop tracks that center the material, turnupwater puts his faith front and center and makes it a huge part of his music’s message. With this, the song becomes more accessible and interesting to people who want to put their faith at the center of their lives as well and are looking for music that celebrates this aspect rather than offers conflicting content, focusing on the material or the shallow. With a new proposition, turnupwater is likely to reach a lot of rap fans who want more meaning in their music and especially those who want spiritually strong tracks.

Out of Focus is a freestyle track with a lot of ’90s, old-school-style vibes that make it a bit nostalgic and add an interesting and distinct style to the song. 

The rap scene today is flooded with many different artists, and one key to success is distinguishing yourself from the crowd and finding your own style and your own audience. He does it successfully thanks to his own freestyle approach, the development of his music, and the unique meanings he puts into the lyrics, giving the song an additional layer of purpose that is likely to resonate with many different people. The song and the artist have already drawn quite a bit of attention from hip-hop enthusiasts, as well as those looking for new spiritual music across different genres. With a Bible quote to go with the song on Instagram and a strong spiritual commitment, this song is likely to reach many people who want to feel more connected to their faith through the music they listen to and are not satisfied with the current offerings in their favored genres.

You can find turnupwater on SoundCloud. Listen to Out of Focus here, and be sure to check out more music from the artist. 

You can also follow him on Instagram @turnupwater where he promotes his music and his business and where you can also find a lot of religious and inspirational quotes. 

Stay tuned for new releases that are likely to also please anyone who enjoyed Out of Focus and follow the artist to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing turnupwater. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi turnupwater, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about your journey.

I was born in Springfield, Illinois. I throw my rhythm on a beat, with the influence of my lifestyle. I speak to the world, not my city.

I came to California when I was 13 because of the 94s earthquake. The city life is tough, but God has given me strength. I’ve been a foster kid and was homeless, so I advocate. My music speaks of my pain and triumphs.

Any message for our readers.

Never think it too late; something might just be waiting for you. Praise God. To be pure is everything be better than me.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

My Instagram is @turnupwater, and so is my Twitter. You can check out my Youtube channel as well.


Thank you so much, turnupwater, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!