Tray Tray has fascinated fans with the addictive and enchanting Hiphop single ‘Like This’

Tray Tray is releasing a new hip-hop/rap track to please all his listeners. Like This is the newest song from this artist, touching on raw emotional topics and a powerful set of lyrics that is sure to resonate with many members of the audience. Addressing the subject of violence and healing, Like This opens a new window into the mindset of the artist and his journey towards healing.

Like This is the first track from the artist coming after he was short on the south side of Chicago. Such an experience provides a shift in one’s mindset and also leads to a change in one’s art. And Like This is Tray Tray’s way of opening up about this event and his healing process. The song is up close and personal, inviting the listener to take the journey with him and to truly understand what is happening to the rapper with this situation that can mark people for life.

Tray Tray is a Chicago-based rapper with thousands of listeners reaching his music every month on Spotify and other streaming platforms. He is managed by Fatus Fee, an American rapper who also works mainly from Chicago, and is signed to Freedbandz, a record label located in Atlanta. Freedbandz is owned by Future, a legendary rapper in his own right. Tray Tray first became known when he started touring with Future, going on tours with this star and signing up with his label. 

Tray Tray offers classic hip-hop with a deep message and a powerful story that is sure to hook any listener with an interest in the genre. His songs feature Young Thug, Gunna, Tory Lanez, and other artists, such as Ski Mask, The Slump God, and more. His collaborations continue and he is sure to add more names to his already extensive catalogue. He was featured on Diamonds over Love, an album by Chicago drill rapper and younger brother Jmac.

His first hit single was Dripping In Sauce, which he got the opportunity to perform on his tour with Future. Today, Like This is promising to be among his biggest releases, featuring a powerful beat and meaningful lyrics that can take the listener to a path of healing along with the artist. There is a message about getting up after falling and getting back in the saddle, wrapped up in a strong hip-hop track that is likely to please listeners of the genre, especially those looking for something authentic that reflects the best that rap has to offer. For anyone looking to explore rap artists outside the mainstream or for tracks with a raw and emotional sound, Like This is definitely going to offer an appealing option. 

Like This is available now on Spotify and all other major music platforms. Follow Tray Tray on Instagram @traytray__ for more information.

Stay tuned for more future releases as this rapper is getting back on track.