Music Artist Timothy Kulig releases soul satisfying album ‘Retrofuturistic Dreams’ with an ecstatic punch of synth waves

Timothy Kulig is presenting his newest release, the Synthwave album Retrofuturistic Dreams. This is a retro-inspired album that draws a lot from 80’s pop culture, movies, and music, based heavily on the sound of FM synthesizers. Minimalist, with an 8-bit aesthetic, it is a perfect listen for fans of the era and the sound.

Timothy Kulig is a songwriter and musician with over 25 years of experience. Despite this extensive history, he has only recently begun publishing all his songs: a catalog of over 400 tracks, so if you enjoy Retrofuturistic Dreams, there is plenty to look out for in the future. Kulig writes across genres, moods, and styles, so there is versatility regarding his music.

Retrofuturistic Dreams blends together pop and 8-bit, 80’s and minimalism, retro and modern. It follows past releases, such as the albums The Keep and Modern Scores, which showcase Kulig’s skill with instrumentals and the different types of music he has created. The current release is sure to especially please fans of retro music.

One interesting thing about Tim Kulig’s music is that you might have heard it before. The artist has released all his tracks for free with attribution, which means that many, many videos on YouTube use the music and are a true testament to the artist’s talent. It is possible to find many artistic projects that use Kulig’s music in different ways.

Retrofuturistic Dreams is an interesting blend of a retro style with more modern sensibilities. It is clearly inspired by 80’s synth music, and the sound draws from this, so many fans of the style will find themselves transported to another era. However, the tracks also showcase the distinctive style and years of experience that Kulig brings to each project. It is sure to be enjoyed by those who want a taste of novelty blended with nostalgia, as it offers the same classic sound but is distinctive and new, like something coming out of an alternate 80s for listeners to enjoy.

The album is an amazing addition to Kulig’s extensive catalog and provides a sense of time and place with a style that transports the listener to another era. It particularly appeals to those who enjoy retro-styled music but want more than just the usual fare or the same classics. Kulig does a great job of adapting the music and showcases all his skills in composing, arranging, and beyond. Retrofuturistic Dreams‘s Synthwave is dreamy, hypnotizing, and stylish, with an 8-bit touch that inspires ideas of movies and games, magic, and excitement. It might also become a new favorite for anyone who enjoys the genre and the sound in general, and Kulig has plenty of music to explore and listen to.

You can find Kulig’s channel on YouTube.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Timothy Kulig. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Timothy, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I’ve been writing music for 25 years and recently started a journey to publish over 1,000 songs. I write music in all genres and enjoy the challenge of creating music for different moods and energies.  


Please tell us about your album, Retrofuturistic Dreams.

My most recent release, entitled ‘Retrofuturistic Dreams,’ is a Synthwave album inspired by the FM synthesizers of the mid to late 80s and the movies and music they were prevalent in. It blurs the lines between pop music, 8-bit video games, and minimalist compositions. It’s so much fun to play with these varied styles for this reason. You can really push the envelope of what people define in music and show them a different interpretation of that style or time of music with your work.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Up until about three years ago, my strategies for success in music production and publication were minimal. I was very frustrated by the industry, its barriers, and my music being white noise among millions of artists trying to be heard. I didn’t know what to do about this and was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the industry and writing in general. I then co-produced a short documentary about Kevin MacLeod, a musician everyone has heard of but may not even know his name. He’s famous for a song entitled “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys,” which has been heard billions of times on YouTube, TikTok, etc. in creating this documentary, celebrating his accomplishments and work, I discovered that the reason he is so prolific and well-known is that he gives everything away for free under Creative Commons. This means that, provided you give him and his work attribution in your project, you can use his works for free. By removing the paywall and letting people just enjoy and use his music, he, in essence, blew up, and his music is everywhere. Shortly after producing and distributing his film, we started directly communicating and became good friends. He is my mentor and guide now, and I am following in his footsteps by producing a large body of work also making it available for free under Creative Commons. In the short time I’ve been publishing music since I met Kevin, the response to my music has been overwhelming, and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for my current and future music catalog! 



Any message for our readers? 

If I could tell the readers anything, and they are current composers or musicians, I’d say lose the paywall. Publish your music and get your spins on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., yes, but get your music out there and get it in the hands of your fans. Your music does “Zero” work sitting on a hard drive in your home office. Share it with the world, and work out the monetization on the back end.

I give my permission to use my music for free with attribution, Without attribution, the users will need to pay a fee to use it. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

My website,, pushes links to all my socials. You can stay up on what I’m up to and what my next projects are at most of these. On LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., I add everyone, so follow me on your favorite social. My current published catalog can be found and downloaded here. There are a few dozen other artists with the same philosophy and I offer our music for free with attribution under Creative Commons. I highly recommend this site! 


Thank you so much, Timothy, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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