The Fats’ debut album, Rock & Roll Fantasy, offers a lot of style and showmanship with cutting-edge sound.

Rock & Roll Fantasy is the new and exciting album from The Fats. This daring release is their debut, and it bodes well for the future of the band. The Fats offer an album inspired by classic rock ‘n’ roll spirit with a unique and distinctive style. They bring back the free and wild style that is linked to rock and use their music to explore the life of a musician and all the things that this entails.

The album features nine tracks centered on the fun, hedonistic pleasures of indulgence, sex, and other forms of stimulation, detailing a humorous narrative about the band trying to get out and splurge like all the big stars are supposed to do. Each track sounds amazing with dynamic arrangements and attractive lyrics, with professional mixing and mastering courtesy of The Sound Module and Ryan Morey Audio Mastering.

The Fats is a group that has been in the business since 2018. This charming trio comes from Montreal, Quebec, and features James Chiha on the vocals and the guitar, Alex Kotsornithis on the guitars, and Brandon Benwell on the drums. The Fats broke into the streaming scene in 2019 with Dirty Shirley, a stylish composition with a cutting sound that draws inspiration from old-school rock.

Rock & Roll Fantasy is vibrant and amazing to listen to, with a harmonious soundscape that draws the listeners in and keeps them hooked. The album features not only the considerable talents of the trio but also contributions from other amazing artists, including Steve Creep, Sam Fortin, and Conor Antenucci. In addition to the original work from The Fats, the band includes two covers that are sure to thrill fans of the genre, featuring Big Boss Man and Walkin’ The Dog, originally from Jimmy Reed and Thomas Rufus, respectively. These are classic blues songs with a new sound coming from the 1960s to add to the homage that the album is paying to the good old days of rock and close genres.


Guitar, rock, and blues make the core of Rock & Roll Fantasy. There is a lot of style, showmanship, and sound to enjoy here, and you can find the album on Spotify and Apple, as well as other platforms. The Fats offer an irreverent musical ride that takes the listener to a place of nostalgia with cutting-edge sound to infuse something new and fresh into the music as well. It is sure to please fans of classic rock and blues, as well as those looking for strong new voices in the indie music landscape. The Fats deliver what they promise and more with a dynamic sound, fun lyrics, a deep love and passion for music, and a willingness to just let rock be rock.

You can listen to Rock & Roll Fantasy on Apple Music here. Also, don’t forget to follow the band’s Instagram @thefatsofficial. Their social media is driven by the same sense of humor fun that characterizes The Fats’ work.