Terrell Grier aka Casino Cuz’O: From Detroit Streets to Global Music Sensation

Let’s get to know the incredible journey of Terrell Grier, popularly known as Casino Cuz’O.

Born in the bustling streets of Detroit, young Terrell found solace in the world of music amidst the challenges surrounding him. Teaming up with the ‘Nutty Boys’ and initially known as ‘Cuzo’s nephew, my baby,’ Terrell made music his escape. Yet life took him on a detour, leading him to Duluth, Minnesota, where he faced both setbacks and opportunities.

Though he had a tough time during his schooling years in Detroit, Terrell didn’t let past mistakes define him. He acquired his GED after a brief stint in prison and soon enrolled in Lake Superior College. Studying automotive technology and later airplane building, Terrell graduated with flying colors. Not only was he the first in his family to attend college, but he also did so with honors.

However, life wasn’t always on his side. A few years ago, Terrell experienced an unimaginable loss: his wife and unborn child. This tragedy, combined with losing custody of their three kids, sent him spiraling. But as always, he emerged stronger. Eager to rebuild his life and reconnect with his kids, Terrell dove back into his first love – music. Today, with 16 music videos on YouTube, a total of 40 songs with multiple artists from different states, and a feature on Amazon’s ‘He Played Me,’ he’s making waves in the industry. On the side, he’s also an entrepreneur with ventures like his clothing brand ‘Casino Cuzo, LLC,’ and a mobile detailing company.


2023 has kicked off on a high note for him. Teaming up with Victor Martinez, Terrell’s now part of the ‘Zenith city media’ – an online radio station and podcast designed to shine a light on upcoming artists worldwide.

Music, for Casino Cuz’O, is more than just beats and lyrics. It’s therapy. He aims to breathe emotion back into the industry, crafting songs that resonate universally. Even after a decade-long break from music, he returned with a bang, dropping an album filled with poignant lyrics reflecting his life’s journey and daily hustle. His song “Come From” epitomizes his artistry, painting stories with words.


But Terrell’s talents don’t stop there. With a knack for business, he’s ventured into fashion, designing clothes for all, and also runs an auto-detailing enterprise.

Growing up as one among nine siblings, Terrell’s connection with music began in the heart of Detroit. Today, he shares this love globally, hoping to spread positivity. In his words, “I just want to spread more love and peace, so I can leave my mark on this world.”


For those inspired by Terrell and looking for guidance, he has a simple piece of advice: understand yourself first. Once you’re in tune with your inner voice, the path ahead becomes clearer. Listen to your heart and trust your intuition.

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