Get through a powerful Hip Hop experience with Tayvon Johnson a.k.a BLACK I.C.E and his latest release WAR!

Tayvon Johnson, a.k.a BLACK I.C.E, a R&B Neo/Soul hip-hop Artist and his new release is WAR, adding to an already impressive catalog of music. Tayvon’s new track is produced by BVTMAN and, like his other work, deals with a meaningful topic in a nuanced and powerful way. 

WAR is a song from a Black perspective and a human perspective that focuses on the topic of police brutality, but not only on this subject matter. Police brutality is a situation that continuously hurts and damages the Black community, as well as many other people who find themselves caught in the path of violence. WAR is meant to heal, with a focus on this process in its purest form, taking a new and unique approach to the genre that is missing from many other artists’ work. Despite the violently seeming name of WAR that is meant to capture the audience’s attention, it comes from a place of love and carries a message of love as well. 

Black I.C.E. stands out for his ability as a musician and is recognized as a versatile artist thanks to his vocal ability and the rapping skills he also showcases in his work. He is eclectic in his influences and creates powerful and genre-blending music that is a testament to his skill as a songwriter and as a performer as well. Tayvon comes from Seaford, Delaware, but his music has taken him on international collaborations. He has worked with a variety of indie artists and artists more immersed in the mainstream music industry. He has collaborated with Wille B, the producer for Kendrick Lamar, Yuri Takashi, the King of Modern Disco, Roc Nation producer D. Lynch, and many more. He draws influences from Michael Jackson, Drake, Glack, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, John Legend, and more.


Black I.C.E. is continuously growing as an artist and offering new music, full of energy and intriguing genre-mixing compositions. Currently, WAR is the newest project, but in addition to his music, he also offers other types of work, creating and testing his skills in different situations. He has created Black I.C.E. brand shoes that are available for anyone looking to support his work.

WAR is likely to please fans of soul, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues, looking for new offerings and hoping to explore indie music off the beaten path of mainstream. It provides a lot of material to someone looking for music of love, tackling difficult subjects, or with a deeper message. It is likely to please a lot of people looking for more meaningful and versatile music and who hope to discover new artists to listen to within these genres. 

You can find WAR on the major music platforms. Follow Black I.C.E. on social media to stay tuned for new releases and discover more of his work on Instagram @Tayvonjohnsun33.

Black I.C.E. is always working on his music with a lot of passion and love and provides new and exciting opportunities for hip-hop, neo-soul, and R&B fans.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tayvon Johnson a while back. You can check out his interview here.