Join an amazing rock music adventure with Tallen Cross’s upcoming album ‘Return of Rock & Roll’

Artist Tallen Cross is set to release his debut solo album, Return of Rock & Roll. This will be followed shortly by a second album, which is already in the works. Cross is an artist with a lot of experience and even more passion, which shines through every track on this album.

It’s easy for any fan of rock ‘n’ roll to identify the many influences of the artist. While he makes his sound his own, he also draws heavily from the classics, which definitely can justify the title. Tallen Cross learns from the best artists, such as ZZ-Top, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Uriah Heap, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Stevie Ray, Whitesnake, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, and many more, including Ronnie James Dio, Foghat, Gary Moore, and Leslie West.

This Virginia Beach musician began his career early on. He started developing a taste and a passion for music when he was just eight years old and could spend hours already making music with a guitar and a microphone. At 11, Tallen began playing any place that would let him: parties, plays, shows, competitions, and any other option that crossed his path. This means that he brings years of live performances, music writing, and development to this first official album.


Tallen Cross’s sound is clear and loud, traditional rock and roll. It packs a solid punch and is full of energy, very polished, and dynamic. In addition to all the classic rock influences, the artist draws plenty from classic blues and soul to create something equally timeless as his inspirations. The blend is memorable, sharp, and gripping, showcasing not just the artist’s talent but also his love for classic, quality rock.

Tallen’s songs are full of powerful narratives that he wants to share with his listeners, while the music is polished and has the right energy to keep the audience hooked throughout. The album is sure to hit with fans of classic rock and anyone who loves the music of Tallen Cross’s influences, from ZZ-Top to Whitesnake in their early days and many others beyond these names. His music is a conduit for people to escape from reality for a bit, enjoy themselves, and come back to what they need to do refreshed and relaxed.


His upcoming album features many bangers, including Champions, a blue-inspired song with familiar hooks performed in a unique way. Straight Outta Hell is a warm, energetic piece full of inspiration. Soul, blues, and rock come together to create pieces that are certain to stick with the listener for a long time and keep them humming and moving along. Each element of the tracks complement the others, so they become seamless, cohesive tracks that are sure to be enjoyed by fans of classic rock looking for fresh voices.

Discover more about the artist on his website. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @tallencross.


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