Explore Taiwan’s music scene through Taiwan Beats Showcase 

Taiwan Beats Showcase exhibits a new and exciting sample of talents from this part of the world. It was offered as part of 2021 SXSW Online and is now back for the 2022 rendition. Viewers can find the live session on YouTube and enjoy the soundtrack on SoundCloud, but only for a limited time. 

The showcase featured six top-notch artists. The lineup included Elephant Gym, Sorry Youth, Olivia Tsao, Mong Tong, Sleeping Brain, and DJ QuestionMark. These artists show off their musical versatility and, at the same time, offer visually and musically exciting experiences that transport fans to the rich world of Taiwanese culture. Various Austin papers have praised the experience to high heavens, pointing out the strength of the visual elements and the aural diversity and quality. 

Sorry Youth took the stage first, and this band performed at the Wufeng Lin Family Garden, an important location for the culture and especially for the modern culture of Taiwan, an exciting combination of the old and the new.

DJ QuestionMark performed on a carnival truck, emblematic of folk culture, and his performance was as colorful as his makeshift stage. Meanwhile, Olivia Tsao appeared at the Chuan Mei Theater from Tainan, a theater known worldwide for its gorgeous hand-painted posters that have a nostalgic quality.

Mong Tong performed in Pawnshop, the infamous underground club in Taipei, with a wild electronic and psychedelic vibe. Mong Tong was followed by Sleeping Brain, another modern outfit with a top-notch style that appeared against the backdrop of the slick Tiaotong district full of gorgeous lights and colors.

Elephant’s Gym capped off the event with their performance at a large festival in the city of Kaohsiung, with the live energy sparking a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd. 

Taiwan Beats Showcase indeed offered an exciting and versatile performance that blended Taiwanese tradition with modern, cutting-edge styles and immersed the audience in a deep fascination with the local culture.  

You can find Taiwan Beats Showcase through YouTube and also get the soundtrack on SoundCloud and enjoy the music, but you better hurry, as the music will only be available for a limited time. 

Learn more about the event and all the featured acts here. Remember to take a look at your favorite musicians and explore their music catalogs to discover more amazing music from this corner of the world.


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