Syndaartist: Fueling Hip-Hop Fire with powerful music through his upcoming EP ‘The Story Before’

Syndaartist has several projects in the works, and his new EP, The Story Before, will be dropping soon alongside the latest single, BaRrY sAnD3Rs, released on July 7. 

This artist wants to make music to speak for those who tend to stay silent because being quiet doesn’t mean being well. He wants to inspire awareness and also bring both awareness and the “hop” aspect back to the hip-hop scene, creating tracks with social meaning and impact. His songs tell stories that reflect the experiences people have in their daily lives throughout their lives. Syndartist is based in Texas and brings a lot of his own experiences, observations, and emotions into his music.

The Story Before promises a lot. It will bring a series of exciting tracks, as well as additional features. The artist highlights some notable songs that include collaborations with some amazing, big-name artists. Syndartist is willing to reveal the names of Lil Keke & Ronnie, as well as Ronetta Spencer. However, he also teases a surprise collaboration. The rapper promises to reveal a mystery artist who is sure to leave the audience amazed. This mystery collaboration can be heard on the track Pop My Shyt. This is not the only secret on the album, as We Texas also will have a notable artist adding their talents. However, Syndartist hopes to leave a few things for audiences to discover as soon as the album drops. Meanwhile, Lil Keke & Ronnie, and Ronetta Spacer are featured on Boss Moves. 

But the album is not just a parade of guest stars; it’s also an EP that highlights Syndartist’s own talent, vocal delivery, flow, and passion for rap, as well as the goal to restore elements that he finds lacking in modern releases. For this performer, hip-hop has lost its way somewhat, and now he has made it his mission to restore stories told through lyrics and a focus on creating strong bars that take the listener through a journey they are sure to find relatable while enjoying the music and the overall composition. Some notable tracks listeners are sure to like include Smokers Lounge and You.

Syndartist brings a lot of unique energy to his music and offers authenticity, with a deep passion for hip-hop and a willingness to work hard to make truly great music. He wants to make something that can tell compelling stories and restore hip-hop to what he believes it should be. His music should appeal to fans of rap that are looking for experiences and lyrics that are willing to go deeper than many mainstream offerings.

You can follow Syndartist on Instagram at  to check out his latest projects and enjoy glimpses into his creative process and daily life. Follow him on Facebook for quick updates . This artist is open to connecting and chatting with his audience through different means. You can discover his music and stay tuned for the drop of The Story Before on Spotify.


We had the pleasure of interviewing the Musician; here are excerpts from the interview.

Please tell us about your music. 

My music is just stories that give meaning to those who don’t speak out but go through it daily and throughout life. My plan is to inspire, bring awareness, and hop back to the hip-hop scene! 

The up-and-coming Album/EP is titled “TheStoryBefore*,” and it’s loaded with dope tracks, features, and material. 

The most notable tracks will be “SmokersLounge” and “Boss Moves,” which feature Lil Keke & Ronnie, Ronnetta Spencer, yoU, and PopMyShyt, which Features a major artist who remains unnamed for now. Gotta leave some mystery to it, lol. And last but not least, “WeTexas” will also be another notable which major artist features. This EP will restore a major part of hip hop that has lost its way with lyrics, stories, and actual BARS!

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

The main strategy was support for my beautiful lady and our children. They keep me humble, urban, and up-to-date on what’s popping and what’s not. 

Also, my brother “Redd” @DaR3dd1, my producer “BRED WELLZ @srslstudios, my music mgr “Ezy” @exult_israel713, and my music assistant “Fifty” @tatsbyfifty ALL keep me on the right path, and the music in the right lane. 

It’s all about the music!

Any message for our readers?

It’s never too late to follow, do, and achieve your dreams, NO MATTER HOW BIG THERE ARE”! And NEVER allow no one to tell you; you CANT do it! Believe in you, God, and yourself again; from there, you can achieve EVERYTHING!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

I am currently streaming on ALL MAJOR platforms @ syndaartist. 


Thank you so much, Syndaartist, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!