Stingosaurus reveals the upcoming release, ‘Paris,’ cover of The Chainsmokers’ 2017 hit song.

Stingosaurus is bringing an exciting new release. Paris is set for a 2022 launch and is sure to offer a thrilling musical experience for fans and anyone looking for a unique sensation. Paris is a cover that will involve a mysterious and thrilling sound with an exciting rhythm sure to set people dancing. Described as mysterious and catchy, the song is certain to become a hit and set people dancing or, at the very least, tapping their feet as they enjoy the melody.

Stingosaurus, known as Christian Iannone beyond the industry, is a US musician and recording artist who produces thrilling songs that feature beautiful audio and also wonderful visual ideas that excite the imagination. In 2021, he released gorgeous tracks like Nervous, Bracelet, and Iceice, featuring Vivienne Rose! Paris is a cover that is sure to put the artist’s own unique spin on this song from The Chainsmokers.

The announcement has already been making waves, thanks to the previous work by Stingosaurus. In the past, he has offered unique vocal processing and used various features to make his music sound truly distinct, combining pop and dance to create something thrilling and still catchy. His extraordinary production quality and craft have helped him make waves in the music scene since the release of Look Back in 2019, which was very well-received. 

Stingosaurus’s past work sets the bar fairly high for Paris, as the artist has proven himself to have a distinct and interesting voice in the indie scene and has managed to stand out in the streaming market, which has been overflowing with artists from all over. Recognized for his unique skills and dedication to the craft, he is sure to become a rising star on the music scene. Stingosaurus is here to stay, and Paris will certainly bring more new fans his way. 

Paris will be coming to Spotify and other streaming services soon. So make sure to stay tuned for that. Follow Stingosaurus on Instagram @iamstingosaurus to be the first one to know when Paris drops. 


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