Vote for Brazilian singer Soy Rah for the Opening act of Audacy’s annual concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Soy Rah (Rayra Soares) is a Brazilian singer whose main passion is music and singing. With a multicultural background, she mixes the best of pop, electro, and Afro-Brazilian beats!

Born and raised in Brazil, as stated in the beginning track of her song “Ah your body,” she came to America without knowing any English or even having friends but with a heart and mind full of dreams. Growing up in a family surrounded by talented musicians was a great incentive and influence to pursue a music career. However, the support from the family wasn’t as great as a lot of the talent from the family was kept in the shell due to fear and lack of confidence to believe in their dreams. 


Realizing in adulthood, some emotional health issues and issues that could lead Soy Rah to give up on her dreams didn’t stop her from doing what she loves the most in her life: music !!! 


Waking up was a struggle for so long while facing depression from a traumatic and difficult childhood, but faith and a dream were enough to continue to push her through and make it this far. Since 2020, she has released over 50 songs distributed now on major streaming platforms and is currently competing to be the Opening act at Audacy’s (formerly annual concert at the Hollywood Bowl. 

You can vote for Soy Rah hereYou can also check out her work on Instagram @soyrah_ofc.


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