Snowtown conveys a personal experience in their upcoming single ‘Happy Birthday’

Happy Birthday’ is an upcoming single from Snowtown. Snowtown is an Alternative Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Band member, Jesse Garcia, created the name in his high school years. Like many others his age, he started to realize that life wasn’t always all that nice. He’d try find things to cheer him up, and shifted between activities to get by.

Snowtown’s new track reminds listeners of their childhood. The artist shares a somber melody that is based on personal experience. 



Jesse Garcia is the creative mind that was inspired by the idea of birthdays and the dark meaning some of them can take, as happened in his own life. Jesse had emotional experiences that today inspire his music. He hopes to use his art to reach out to other people and express his emotions and feelings.

“Happy Birthday”, in particular, is a track that focuses on the experience of Jesse’s 15th birthday, which for him was marked by a particular set of dark thoughts. He decided that he would choose that date to end his life and planned on doing that after his birthday party.

This turn of events was to take place once the party was over and everyone who attended went back home. But, fortunately, one of his friends, Loü, did not go home afterward. Instead, he stayed throughout the night and, although he did not know about the inner conflict playing in Jesse’s mind, he essentially saved his life by this simple act. 

By the time of his 16th birthday, Jesse completely turned his mind around and decided that he would never attempt suicide, recognizing the damage that it could do to his loved ones and making a choice to steer clear of this course of action. However, if not for the action of this one friend, things could have turned out much worse, possibly, irreversibly so.


Jesse has continued to struggle with dark and eerie thoughts that he has channeled into his music. While he has sworn off the idea of suicide as a course of action, the thought continues to lurk around, and the songs he creates have helped him try and support others who have struggled with similar experiences through his music. He hopes that his music will help others feel differently and feel understood if they struggle with something similar.

The topic of suicide is dark and difficult to engage with, but when it comes from someone who has lived it, it becomes much more significant. Art that deals with the actual experiences of the artist often feels more authentic, and “Happy Birthday” falls in that league.

“Happy Birthday” is an upcoming alt-rock release that expands on this experience through an original melody with powerful lyrics. The track will be available on June 11th, 2021, on all the major platforms including Spotify. Here is the presave link.

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