California-based singer Nicollette Sullivan enchants her fans with astounding vocals in her album Nicollette.

Nicollette is the brand new release from Nicollette Sullivan, a California-based singer, and songwriter who is offering a new sound, blending a variety of genres together and making a splash in the modern music industry through her unique approach, visual presentation, and commitment to a strong aesthetic.

Nicollette draws inspiration from a variety of artists and popular genres that she loves. She is influenced by Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Diana Ross, as well as many more artists from genres such as jazz, gospel, pop, blues, and R&B. With a refreshing blend of sound accompanied by astounding vocals. She showcases a unique new voice and a distinct sound that immediately reflects her many influences without becoming repetitive or secondary.

The artist developed a passion for musical theatre and a wide set of genres since an early age. Constructing her image after the old classics, like Josephine Baker, and modern classics like Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. This is especially clear in her visuals – 30s, 40s, 50s with its glamorous dresses and classy yet sexy appeal.

Nicollette has a unique, beautiful vocal talent that sounds seductive and fresh. With a sophisticated tone that reflects the best of old Hollywood glamour and a modern pop vibe, there is a timeless quality to her music. The album provides a wide variety of lyrical styles, from ethereal to emotional and feeling-infused tunes. With a classic and modern sense, the album can reach people with an interest in classic Hollywood and modern tunes as well, in particular people looking for a sophisticated experience in regards to vocals, lyrics, tunes, and the visual presentation, as Nicollette can deliver on all these fronts.

The album features guest appearances from studio musicians like Jimbo Ross, Lee Thornburg, Ed Roth, Tony Mandracchia, and Doug Webb. The album acquires a timeless quality thanks to its mix of old and new beats and the unique voice that Nicollette brings to the table. 

Stylish and sultry, Nicollette’s eponymous album provides a beautiful and charming listening experience that transports the audience back to an age of glamour and mystery. With a unique mix of genres and influences, it is likely to find listeners among pop, jazz, and blues fans, especially those who are looking for something a bit more unique and that challenges the boundaries of these genres.

You can find Nicollette on Spotify and the major music platforms. Soon, it will also be released as a collectible vinyl, and there is a collectible CD you can purchase to support the artist. Let Nicollette charm you with her voice and music and enjoy the complex experience she provides by blending genres and drawing in influences from classic Hollywood and recognized musicians.

Learn more about Nicollette by visiting her website and Instagram @nicollettesullivan. Stay tuned for more releases from Nicollette and let yourself be drawn into the charm of her glamorous and genre-bending music.