Savour the Multilingual Melodies of Ecclesiaste in ‘Alix new Jullio’ and ‘Ma Meilleure Amie’

The artist known as Ecclesiaste is offering a beautiful collection of songs that has recently grown with the addition of Alix new Jullio, a distinguished new release, and also with the release of his most recent music video titled Ma Meilleure Amie.

Alix Marcelin, better known as Ecclesiaste, is a talented artist with great vocals and a variety of songs available in different languages. Many of his most popular tracks come in French, but he also sings in English, Spanish, and Creole, creating a multicultural and versatile collection of music. Beautiful is really an apt word to describe his tracks, which are often lyrical, romantic, and always heartfelt. His delivery is suave and has a lot of power behind it, as each song highlights his vocal talents and also his ability to make each track feel uniquely his.

Ecclesiaste creates a charming atmosphere in each track that is sure to be enjoyed by listeners looking for more classic-style tunes with a dash of vintage style, reminiscent at times of old-school crooners with great vocals and a lot of sophistication. The artist releases tracks in various languages, and all of these offer different vibes and feelings with a central emotional core that endures. He is versatile and brings a lot of interesting elements to different tracks with stylishness and excitement.

His music video for Ma Meilleure Amie is a great showcase of the artist’s skills. It showcases his charisma and performance, which is the central element of the video. With a minimalist and appropriate background, the video centers the artist’s own skills and ability to hook the listener with nothing more than a solid vocal performance and a song that makes great use of the style that French has to create a soft atmosphere, romantic, that transports the listener to a night by the seaside, enjoying the breeze. 

Eccleasiaste’s music is sure to be enjoyed by listeners who want to discover artists with a more classic performance style, strong vocals, and a lot of versatility in regard to song selection and performance. He makes the most out of each of the many languages he sings in and always creates a delightful audio experience.

The artist has a lot of experience and has built a meaningful catalog of music, which continues to grow regularly. However, he is still developing his online presence mainly through ReverbNation, which attracts plenty of indie musicians who want to reach listeners. Several of his songs come with videos to enjoy. This is a musician who is sure to find his right target audience, and fans of less experimental music with a touch of vintage, a lot of style, and strong vocals are especially likely to enjoy it.

You can follow the artist on Twitter @MarcelinAl77773. Here, you will hear all about his new projects and discover updates and new releases. Be the first one to hear about new tracks and new music videos to enjoy. You can find all the music Ecclesiaste has released over at ReverbNation.

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