Witness Music Artist Ruiz!’s musical extraordinaire in his latest single ‘One Rule’

Ruiz! is the mysteriously evoked moniker from Sheffield-based DIY multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist Hugh Ruiz Robert. Recorded with just a laptop, extra live instruments, and in lockdown, the new collection of songs seamlessly transcends across 60’s rock’n’roll, electronica, punk, pop, psychedelia, and dark rock, with each genre being effortlessly fused with Ruiz! ‘s take on life in modern times.


Songs about life, love, and the modern maladies between men, women, and life in these strange post-Covid times. Described as Iberian Psych by Sheffield’s Reverend Jon McClure, One Rule is Ruiz! ‘s 7th release on Only Fruit Recordings and has already garnered the support of Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net and the BBC Introducing Mix-Tape. Two minutes 40 of the ’80s inspired post-punk, pop, and electronica, flavored with Ruiz! trademark psych, it’s not quite a departure from previous singles, but it’s certainly more accessible and fun.

“It’s a song inspired by Borris’ behavior during lockdown, the parties at Number 10, the holidays, the lies etc, but also with my Catalan blood and the troubles caused by lack of freedom historically and presently in the world, it’s a A middle finger to narcissists and corruption. At the end of our days on planet earth, we are left with only our souls. If yours could be recycled, would it be worth anything?”


Indeed, this joie de vivre, this raw energy that Ruiz! harbours is evident across ‘One Rule’ and indeed across his previous singles. These recordings are both elegant and modern. Written during the pandemic’s peak, Ruiz! focused on his music, creating DIY soundscapes in which the quality is consistent. Compositions are smart, hooks are contagious, and choruses are catchy. Keep on keeping on!

You can visit the website and check out Facebook @ruiz_sheffield. You can also drop an email at hughbiedoo@me.com.


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