Groove along with music artist Royy London as he releases his latest music album ‘Risky Rewards’

Royy London has released his new album, Risky Rewards. It came out on Christmas and is making quite the splash thanks to its versatile style and London’s stylish flow and delivery. 

Royy London is an upcoming artist from New Orleans. He is not a new figure in the musical scene and has been working for a while. Royy London has worked with the platinum record producer KC da producer and has also been working with NEVER BROKE AGAIN.

Royy London’s music distinguishes itself by being melodic, with harmonious tracks laid over hard trap beats. The artist offers a glimpse into the dark streets of New Orleans, infamous for all the events taking place here, and where London shines by combining this urban style with a versatile approach to rap that elevates his music. London offers a unique delivery and combines genres, playing with different mixes, beats, and sounds. Royy London’s Risky Rewards is a perfect showcase of this artist’s unique and versatile approach, a stylish rap that is mixed with other genres to achieve interesting effects, and the passion that London brings to every piece he releases. 

Risky Rewards is an album that has a lot to bring for fans of rap. It does not stay within the confines of the genre but also crosses into other genres with no effort, which adds a lot of unique sound to the music. The album features eight tracks, going for short and precise over extensive and meandering. There are definitely themes to the album, as well as a general sense of style. It is a perfect showcase of the style Royy London has and his ability to play with music easily. Each track has its own special something, a stand-out, and offers the listeners a versatile experience. Risky Rewards is full of both joy and pain, the love of life that Royy London always has shines through in every bar and every beat.

This album is a great entry point to Royy London’s music. You can start with Trapp, one of the standout tracks of the album. In addition to the music itself, Trapp has an official music video you can find here:


The video is fun and energetic, with a stylish party-style shoot that can fill the listener with enthusiasm. With a lot of humor, delivery, and smooth flow, Trapp is a highlight of the album. 

Risky Rewards is certain to interest fans of rap who are looking for new voices in the genre. While Royy London is not exactly a newcomer, he is still a rising artist who is building a fanbase and reaching more and more listeners. It is a solid rap album that is guaranteed to please many fans of the genre, as well as anyone hoping to discover new artists to add to their playlist.

You can find the artist on Instagram at @imroyylondon. You can find the album Risky Rewards on Spotify. 

You can stream it on other music platforms as well. Check out the music video for Trapp on YouTube.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Royy London. Here are a few excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Royy, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about your music album ‘Risky Rewards.’

The project was inspired by a stream of events that occurred before my release, but just like any other fear or risk, once you go through, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Making of this tape was very stressful, especially because of the death of my producer.

I have literally been taking a lot of risks continuously, which includes Studio time, Recording videos, Building a studio over 20,000 invested into a 4-room studio, including my green screen room, which can fit at least 100 participants. 

Any message for our readers. 

If I had any knowledge to share with other upcoming artists, it would be to stay motivated, be consistent & take marketing more seriously on your next release. 


Thank you so much, Royy, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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